Pray for the Myanmar Children as They Regain Hope

“Though I don’t know how to write, I would like to say thanks to CEDAR for helping me to grow up in Full Moon.  I wish one day I can help those who have similar experiences as mine,” said Sau (alias) who is only 3 years old.  Like any other ordinary girls, Sau is innocent and cheerful.  She has been staying in Full Moon for nearly one year and the staff praised her for being bright and smart. Sau’s parents were both political prisoners in Myanmar, sadly they both died in prison, leaving Sau orphaned.  Afterwards, she was supposed to be taken care of by her aunt who had intended to sell her, fortunately someone saved her and brought her to Full Moon. Thanks God for saving Sau’s life and keeping her in a safe place where she is given love and care.

Last month, CEDAR staff re-visited Full Moon Children Compound and the children shared their dreams with them.  Many of the children wish to be teachers and nurses; some would like to be businessmen so they would be able to contribute to their own communities in the future.  One girl said her dream is to be the leader of the country and Aung San Suu Kyi is her role model.  It is amazing to see the Lord’s work in rebuilding this group of children and helping them to regain hope. Apart from that, a lot of big brothers and sisters who have graduated from Full Moon have returned to the Children Compound to take care of their younger counterparts during their free time.  They sang and worshiped the Lord together with the kids. The mutual care and love between brothers and sisters are very essential to this young children group.

Currently, over 300 children affected by wars and disasters are staying in the Full Moon Children Compound.  A lot of resources and manpower are required for building facility infrastructure and providing psychological counseling so the children can grow healthily. Pray for the work and future plan of Full Moon so that the children will be able to grow in a good environment and have a hopeful life again.

CEDAR’s local partner Full Moon, founded in 1997, looks after children and orphans from conflict areas, as well as committed to giving them training so they can become church leaders after growing up and bring changes in their communities. Today many of these children have become teachers, nurses, skilled farmers, technicians and community workers, contributing to societies using their skills given by their Heavenly Father. 

Pray for Children Ministry in Myanmar:

  • May God provide the compound with the new infrastructure needed, including library, playground, improved-facilitated bathrooms and lockers etc.
  • The fast-growing economy in Myanmar has made simple country life materialistic. May Lord help those graduate youths continue their faith, and also act as salt and light after returning to their hometowns
  • CEDAR will provide Full Moon care-takers with training and counseling courses so the affected children can be better taken care of.
  • The Full Moon staff have served for over 10 years and may our Lord continue to strengthen them and provide them with good health, spirit and wisdom. Also pray for more volunteers to join Full Moon so the team will be more resourceful in serving the increasing needs.

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