Annual Report 2013-2014

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CEDAR’s Vision and Mission

  • Our Vision

In Christ we build a just and compassionate world together.

  •  Our Mission

To live out the integral mission of the Church in partnership with Christians around the world by:
>Caring for the poor and disadvantaged people
>Facilitating the transformation of lives and communities
>Advocating and practising social justice

 About Our Five-Year Strategic Plan from 2010 to 2014

  •  Focusing and Deepening

Select several poorest countries as focus countries, retaining local partners capable of running comprehensive development programmes.

  •  Capacity Building

Encourage/assist these partners through professional training and partnership support.

  •  Mobilising Churches and Christians

Mobilise and encourage Hong Kong churches and Christian groups to respond to poverty and injustice locally and elsewhere.

  •  Networking

Network with different organisations, strengthen communication and cooperation, enrich programme diversity, and take action to effectively respond to poverty and injustice.

Thanks for your company on the journey of transforming life


  • Mobilising Yunnan churches to serve the marginalised

Yunnan churches receive ‘Integral Mission’ training and go into the community to meet the needs of marginalised people. In Gengma, Yunnan an old man single-handedly raises his little granddaughter. For years his life is troubled by problems caused by his drug-addicted son. Members from Gengma Church visit him regularly to provide spiritual support and to assist him in rearing chickens for a living.


  • Developing effectively in villages of Orissa, India

Through community development projects, villagers in Orissa learn to collaborate and organise, and to discuss with the local government about employment planning during fallow periods, so villagers can earn a living without having to travel to faraway cities.


  • Combating human trafficking in mountain areas of Nepal

In mountain areas of Nepal, women suffer from early marriage, often causing them to drop out of school. Some leave their village for work and alas become the victims of human trafficking. CEDAR supports Nepal’s partner Share and Care to provide women ’empowerment’ programmes, such as literacy training, life skills and income generation projects. “I have suffered from being  trafficked and do not want anyone to suffer that” says 24-year old Asmita.


  • Improving lives in Bangladeshi slums

CEDAR supports partner SATHI to serve slum dwellers in Bangladesh, turning their living space into an area of peace. They have organised and trained dwellers into self-help groups to promote community development in education, employment and medical services, etc. 30-year old Safia applies what she learned from business training and earns extra income from home by selling clothes.


  • Fulfilling hopes of Zimbabwean AIDS orphans

It is estimated that 30% of Zimbabwe’s population live with HIV/AIDS, and nearly 900 thousand HIV/AIDS orphans suffer from bereavement and life with no family support. CEDAR’s partner FACT cares for these HIV/AIDS orphaned families by providing basic living and spiritual support. Jesman (left) graduates from college, becomes a teacher and starts a life of independence.


  • Rebuilding homes of typhoon victims in the Philippines

CEDAR supported Integral Alliance in providing emergency relief to the victims of Typhoon Haiyan, with emergency food and water, blankets, mat and hygiene kits. Typhoon Haiyan tore off half the house of 53-year old Susaina but thankfully all family members were safe. “I don’t want to go through another typhoon, or see anyone harmed by one; I want my home rebuilt.”


Project Focus Countries

  • Bangladesh – Sowing peace and hope in brokenness
    • Encourage community development in slums
    • Provide school aid to impoverished children
    • Advocate for child rights
    • Develop disaster mitigation and management
  • China – Support and train Mainland China’s civilian organisations for poverty relief
    • Provide training on ‘Integral Mission’
    • Encourage community development in rural areas
    • Develop disaster mitigation and management
    • Support migrant workers and HIV/AIDS prevention ministry
  • Ethiopia – Pioneer and deepen development
    • Provide basic living sponsorship to impoverished children in slums
    • Organise slum dwellers’ self-help groups
    • Advocate and educate to stop FGM
  • Myanmar – Taking a new step in post-war rehabilitation
    • Provide basic living sponsorship to conflict and/or disaster orphans
    • Implement post-war community rehabilitation
    • Provide agricultural training and development
  • Nepal – Taking part in key moments of national development
    • Encourage women empowerment and development
    • Promote community health and development
    • Provide training on ‘Integral Mission’ and community transformation
  • Zimbabwe – Walking with the HIV/AIDS orphan families
    • Support HIV/AIDS orphans families
    • Advocate for and protect the rights of widows and orphans

Looking Forward

Hong Kong and the world are entering an unprecedented time and the rich-poor gap becomes a most significant tension, causing all sorts of radical changes politically and economically. Both Hong Kong citizens and Christians are facing challenges that we cannot ignore. The mission of both the society and the church does not allow us to look after only our own prosperity and stability. CEDAR and our partner-churches and organisations have always been in the frontline witnessing human injustice and its resulting damages; when believers in Hong Kong rise to join in, our space for exchange and collaboration grows bigger. CEDAR will study and assess the projects in our focus countries to make them more appropriate for present-day situations and find a new way for the poor. CEDAR will also be more in touch with churches and share our vision and experience with believers in Hong Kong, thereby edifying them, and offering up to God our manpower and material resources.

CEDAR’s Chief Executive
Chan Nim Chung

Financial Report


  • Programme and Relief Expenditure is HKD9.71 million.
  • At the beginning of this year, CEDAR Fund reviewed our accounting system and implemented a series of improvement measures in order to better fulfill International Accounting Standards. These changes result in a surplus of HKD1,212,781 in our account by the end of June, but this is only a temporary financial situation from July 2013 to June 2014, not reflecting the real financial picture.
  • Our budget for the period of July 2014- June 2015 is HKD16,341,934.
  • In the past July – October, the received donation is lower than our budget, and we have accumulated a deficit reaching HKD1.8 million, a mounting financial crisis.
  • We earnestly ask you to keep our work in your prayers and to support us financially, so as to continue providing appropriate help to those countries and communities still suffering from poverty.