Ongoing Earthquake Relief Work in Zhaotong, Yunnan

Four weeks has passed since the 6.5-magnitude earthquake hit Ludian County in Zhaotong, Yunnan, but many of the victims are still living their lives in the shelters. The post-earthquake rehabilitation is still a long way to complete.

Workers from the Sichuan Luzhou Gospel Hospital are still providing relief assistance to quake victims in Ludian County. One of the hospital chaplains told us, “After the quake, some mountain areas are not safe and it looks like they will collapse soon! I was told that some mountains have reduced height by several metres. Some victims walk back to their villages passing through the steep slopes to pick some Sichuan peppers for sale or to feed the livestock. They dug out preserved meat from the ruins, finding it can still be eaten after some washing …”

This year, there are close to 50 high school graduates in Ludian County admitting into the university. However, the quake destroyed their homes. Some of them were injured and one was even found dead. To help these prospective university students, CEDAR and the Yunnan Christian Council provide “Emergency Assistance funding” to support their livelihood fee and traveling expenses. We pray that our action not only bring them hope and rebuild their confidence, but these students will pass on such love and care in future to others in need.

CEDAR’s staff will travel again to Yanhe Village in Longtoushan Town, Ludian County next week to distribute rice and cooking oil to the affected families and to assess the actual needs of the second phase of relief and rehabilitation.

Pray for the quake relief work in Zhaotong:

  • Because of the steep terrain, the risk of landslide is quite high. Pray for God’s protection to the victims and provision for their daily need;
  • Pray for the safety of our frontline staff when they make their way to the quake areas;
  • Pray for those quake-affected prospective university students that they can safely arrive their universities and study well, and develop a loving and caring heart for others in need.

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