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The 6.5-magnitude earthquake that happened on 3rd August 2014 had a hypocenter at 12 thousand meters and followed by over 1,335 aftershocks. This earthquake has already led to 617 deaths, 112 people missing, 3,143 people injured, 80 thousand houses destroyed, and 1.08 million people affected.

Ludian County, one of China’s state-level poverty-stricken counties, lacks the capacity to build earthquake-resistant buildings due to the poor economic conditions. To make things worse, the quake happened in the middle of rainy season with an epicenter located in mountainous terrain, causing serious landslides, mudslides and landslide dam, thus lifting the severity of the disaster.

Entering the town, you can see ruins and temporary settlements everywhere
Most people residing there are Huis (Muslims). All victims in Longtou Town are sharing food prepared by the communal kitchen.

One week after the disaster, CEDAR staff and Yunnan Christian Council representatives entered the severely affected area of Longtoushan Town to conduct on-site assessment. The area is highly inaccessible and inhabitants of remote mountainous areas have not yet received any relief supplies from the government. With frequent aftershocks and amidst rainy season, quake victims are facing severe adversity with an immediate need for food and oil.

Moreover, the 47 prospective university students from the severely affected areas of Ludian County are facing additional uncertainties as September approaches. The earthquake has affected the families of this group of students on multiple levels, and some families are even seriously injured.

Disaster Relief Plan:

  • To provide 2-month of food supplies, mainly rice and cooking oil to 130 households in Dapingzi Hamlet, a part of Yanhe Village in Longtoushan Town, Ludian County, to safeguard the basic needs of the victims.
  • To offer Emergency Assistance funding for the prospective university students from the disaster areas, to support their livelihood fee and traveling expenses.

Ms. Tan Ping is one of the prospective university students who receives funding support. She is standing in front of her home that has been destroyed by the earthquake. Zhaotong church will continue to follow up and visit the families of these students to show continuous care and offer support.

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