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The 2013 Yaan Earthquake destroyed the area’s infrastructure and traumatised hundreds of victims. In May, CEDAR’s China Project staff visited them in the Shuangshi Township of Lushan County and noticed post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) symptoms such as insomnia, angry outbursts and irritability.

Shuangshi Township is a remote hilly district which lags behind in economic growth; the young work in the cities leaving behind the aged, women and children. Lacking medical care, the elderly constantly worry about their health. The women are uneducated and without community support, looking after their children is a lonely and arduous task. The earthquake further caused psychological traumas, so the villagers badly need care and counselling.

Granted funding by the HKSAR Government’s Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee, CEDAR has started the second phase of relief resources distribution. The later reconstruction stage aims to help PTSD sufferers by providing psychological and community support through referrals and counselling, community aid and support groups, and community education events.

Please visit for the victims’ stories and support our work in rebuilding post-disaster life.

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