Pray for Emergency Need of Quake Victims in Gansu

[ePrayer – Pray for Gansu Quake victims]


A 6.6 earthquake hit the boarder areas of Minxian and Zhangxian counties, Dingxi city in Gansu on 22 July, followed by over 500 aftershocks. Up to 23 July, the disaster has caused 100 death and over 1,200 injured. Rain and low temperature at nights are expected in the affected areas in coming few days. Victims are in dire needs of relief items including blankets and tents. The affected areas are restricted only to official teams for rescue and emergency relief works. CEDAR is keeping a close watch on any needs there.

Pray for Gansu Quake victims:

  • May His comfort and protection go to the victims and families suffering in loss of lives;
  • Pray for the on-going emergency relief work and appropriate response to dire needs of victims.

Law in Bangladesh Revised Ratifying Workers’ Rights

[ePrayer – Pray for workers in Bangladesh]


Bangladesh on 15 July amended its 2006 Labour Act, to include freedoms of association and collective bargaining. Hoping it a milestone in promoting workers’ rights and occupational safety and health. The new law also contain provisions for improved safety measures at workplaces. Requirements in sending employers the names of union leaders on registration are abolished. Workers may call on external experts assistance at collective bargaining sessions. However, ILO said the revised laws still fail to address a number of concerns: a 30 per cent requirement in forming trade unions; and freedom of association and collective bargaining are excluded to workers in labour-intensive export processing zones. It also fails to prohibit discriminations in employment or remuneration, debt bondage by children or punishment in form of compulsory labour. [UN News, ILO]

Pray for workers in Bangladesh:

  • Pray that the Bangladesh government will continue law reforms for more comprehensive workers’ protection, in fulfilling its obligations under ratified conventions;
  • Remember the workers in getting their rights, safety and health.

Support for Eradication of FGM

[ePrayer – Pray for the elimination of FGM]


UNICEF reported over 125 million women and girls in 29 countries across Africa and Asia have undergone female genital mutilation (‘FGM’). 30 million girls are still at risk of suffering FGM in the next decade. Egypt is top-listed with 27.2 million females having got FGM. The highest percentage among female populations suffering FGM is in Somalia, 98%. The younger generation of girls is less likely to undergo FGM and is more educated and aware of the negative consequences of FGM. Men need to be included in the fight against FGM as many males are reported willing to see an end to this traditional practice. More community protective measures including supports to girls evading FGM are suggested. [IPS]

Pray for the elimination of FGM:

  • Pray for concerted effort around the world for FGM elimination;
  • Pray that both men and women can speak out that they want this harmful practice eliminated;
  • Pray also for FGM victims in overcoming any traumatic effect.

Remember Remote Villages in India Orissa States

[ePrayer – Pray for the community development projects in India]


Partner EFICOR, in partnership with SCOPE, launched community development projects aiming at sustainable livelihood and capacity building in villages in Orissa, India. It is glad to note reduction in seasonal migration (poor peasants getting to work far from home after the harvest season) and there is increase in crop yield and household income. Local leaders in a village have got involved in resuming water supply. Treatments with medicine and operation by an eye hospital nearby are extended to the villagers. SCOPE staff is graceful in receiving various trainings in skills and knowledge fit for the projects.

Pray for the community development projects in India:

  • Pray for further reduction in seasonal migration;
  • Village children used to quit their studies in response to parents’ command to collect plants for making wines and cigarettes. Pray for these families!

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