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CEDAR China Project Officers have successfully completed a post-disaster need assessment and have developed a relief & rehabilitation plan of action. Meanwhile, we have submitted a relief proposal to HKSAR Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee to consider. During the need assessment process, our staff was blocked by landslides on the road several times. Till now, the basic living needs of quake victims have been satisfied by the relief materials from the Ministry of Civil Affairs of PRC. However, because of the collapsed houses and the small leaking tents due to rain, the victims are now struggling with the shelter and food storage problems, and diseases such as joint pains and skin infections. In the quake affected areas, there are still victims living in crude tents besides collapsed houses, to eat & sleep in the open. In addition with the frequent aftershocks and rainy season, victims in the remote mountainous areas are most vulnerable.

CEDAR will continue working with local churches & Christian groups in Sichuan to deliver bottles of oil, plastic sheets, metal food tanks and sanitary items for women, targeting 2 administrative villages with 426 household in Tianquan County and four administrative villages with 2,880 households in Lushan County. Total budget is 3.1 million HKD. [Sichuan Yaan Quake Relief]

Pray for Sichuan quake relief work:

  • Pray that we will get a grant approval from HKSAR Disaster Relief Fund Advisory Committee to implement the next phase of relief work shortly;
  • Pray that local churches and Christian groups and CEDAR will be a channel of God’s grace and love to victims;
  • May God guides our way on the mid-term and long-term post-quake relief and rehabilitation works.

Relief Donation

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