Sichuan Yaan Earthquake Relief: Delivering Emergency Relief Materials


In the past few days, our local partner Sichuan Guanghan Church was busy to find out more about the situation and needs of the victims in Lushan County and Tianquan County of Yaan City, Sichuan.

CEDAR supported Guanghan Church and Yaan Church to deliver the rice to the victims in the quake-affected villages in Tianquan County on 28 April.

CEDAR’s China programme officers will go to different affected regions on 2 May to do an in depth post-disaster assessment for planning the next phase of our relief work.

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CEDAR’s Response to Sichuan Yaan Earthquake

[Press Release]

Lushan County, Yaan City of Sichuan, China was hit by a powerful earthquake in the early morning of 20th April causing over ten-thousand injured and over 100,000 homeless.  After the quake, Sichuan Province Christian Council immediate sent workers to the quake zone to survey the damage. Since then CEDAR Fund is in close contact with local pastors in Sichuan to learn to latest situation and needs.

One of our local church contacts is the Sichuan Guanghan Church who had previously work in close partnership with CEDAR to respond to the Sichuan Quake in 2008. Together with several church members, the church pastor immediately purchased bottled water to deliver to earthquake affected area. However due to collapsed roads and traffic control, their vehicle could not proceed further. At this emergency rescue stage, only trucks with official permit can enter the seriously affected regions in Lushan County. All relief materials are gathered at an official distribution centre waiting to transport to Lushan. Yaan is a mountainous region with frequent low temperature in the night therefore warm blankets and tents are urgently needed. Other emergency items identified are clean drinking water, food items, baby food and sanitary materials for women.

In partnership with local churches and Christian partners, CEDAR will deploy staff to Yaan after the rescue stage to carry out assessment and to develop recovery plan to implement post-disaster rehabilitation activities.

The latest relief update will be released through:


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CEDAR Fund is an independent Christian relief and development organisation found in Hong Kong in 1991. We work ‘From Church, Through Church’ and serve the impoverished communities in Asia and Africa in partnership with churches and Christian organisations worldwide, together to build a just and compassionate world in Christ.

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Security Concerns Rise at Syrian Refugee Camp

[ePrayer – Pray for the refugees camps in Jordan]


The conflict between for and anti-Syrian Ba’ath Party government is still ongoing after its break out in March 2011. Till February 2013, the Syrian conflict has caused 70,000 deaths, about 1.2 million displaced in Syria and as many as 1 million Syrian refugees fleeing to neighbouring countries such as Jordan.

Za’atari camp is one of the camps for the Syrian refugees in Jordan. It was originally built to accommodate around 60,000 Syrian refugees yet it is now hosting at least 140,000. As the numbers in Za’atari have swelled, safety and security have degenerated. Aid workers have frequently faced attack during aid distributions. Tents, mattresses, gas and other products are smuggled in and out through a thriving black market, which often charges refugees exploitative prices for essential goods. The Jordanian government is implementing measures to improve security for the camp, but aid workers say the efforts are limited by funding constraints and have yet to make a difference. [Guardian, CNN, Reuters]

Pray for the refugees camps in Jordan:

  • Pray for God’s protection and provision to Syrian refugees in Jordan;
  • Pray for the safety of aid workers, journalists and citizens there;
  • Pray that people with experience and proper training can support the fundraising, aid distribution and management of refugee camp sites.

Access to Sanitation Still a Luxury for Nigerians

[ePrayer – Pray for the health and sanitation condition in Niger]


Open air defecation is a widespread hazard in Niger, especially in rural areas. Out of 15.5 million Nigerians, 14.1 million do not currently have access to proper toilets, while 79 percent resort to open air defecation. Contagious diseases are caused by a lack of sanitation and hygiene. Because money is needed to construct toilet and there is difficulty of maintaining the deep pit required for latrine, people living in rural Niger do not use toilet frequently   Aid agency attributes this to the government’s failure to honour previous financial commitments in the sanitation sector. [IPS]

Pray for the health and sanitation condition in Niger:

  • Pray for the improvement of health and sanitation in Niger as well as the awareness of Nigerians on health and hygiene;
  • Pray that the Nigerian government will achieve its target to increase the number of people with access to sanitation from six percent in 2009 to 25 percent per year by 2015.

Pray for the Safety of CEDAR’s Staff in Bangladesh

[ePrayer – Pray for the current situation in Bangladesh]


CEDAR’s programme staff is currently at a project monitoring trip in Bangladesh. There are changes in schedule and change of site visits but we thankful that he is safe and still able to meet partners and projects. Opposition party Jamaat-e-Islami is holding demonstrations demanding the immediate release of its leaders facing war crimes charges. Schools and businesses were close and motorways and railways across the country were barricaded. This week Bangladesh’s Prime Minister has rejected demands by Islamists for an anti-blasphemy law to punish those who defame Islam and Prophet Mohammed.

Pray for the current situation in Bangladesh

  • Pray for safety, protection and good learning and networking time with local partners by CEDAR project staff in Bangladesh;
  • Pray that peace can be restored and there can be reconciliation between the government and opposing parties. Pray that violence and instability in the country will subside. 

Praise for Progress Made on Social Concern Ministry by Yunnan Churches

[ePrayer – Pray for the vulnerable children in Gengma, Yunnan]


The Community Services Department (CSD) of Gengma Christian Council and over 10 local churches in Gengma County of Yunnan recently take part in home-visits to orphans and vulnerable children in their communities.  The CSD also distributes food subsidies to the children. After 3 years of CEDAR’s intervention, 5 Wa ethnic minority students became the first group in their Wa communities get promoted to secondary school. Many Wa youth marry at a young age such as 15 to 17. The church is organising youth group to develop them to attain their full potential in their education and be mature before marriage.

Pray for the vulnerable children in Gengma, Yunnan:

  • Give thanks for the students from ethnic minority background can continue their studies. Pray for the home-visits so that local churches can better understand and identify children needs.
  • May the Lord make the church be a blessing to the children, youth and the communities. 

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[2] Donations over $100 are tax deductible in Hong Kong with our receipts.
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