Praise for Progress Made on Social Concern Ministry by Yunnan Churches

[ePrayer – Pray for the vulnerable children in Gengma, Yunnan]


The Community Services Department (CSD) of Gengma Christian Council and over 10 local churches in Gengma County of Yunnan recently take part in home-visits to orphans and vulnerable children in their communities.  The CSD also distributes food subsidies to the children. After 3 years of CEDAR’s intervention, 5 Wa ethnic minority students became the first group in their Wa communities get promoted to secondary school. Many Wa youth marry at a young age such as 15 to 17. The church is organising youth group to develop them to attain their full potential in their education and be mature before marriage.

Pray for the vulnerable children in Gengma, Yunnan:

  • Give thanks for the students from ethnic minority background can continue their studies. Pray for the home-visits so that local churches can better understand and identify children needs.
  • May the Lord make the church be a blessing to the children, youth and the communities. 

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