Hope Mercury Treaty Secure Gold Miners’ Health

[ePrayer – Pray for the artisanal gold miners]


With gold at near-record prices, more people have been drawn into artisanal gold mining. Most miners need to use mercury during gold-mining as it requires very little technical skills and it’s widely available. Mercury emissions contaminate water and cause harms to miner’s health. The UN mercury treaty will regulate the supply, trade and use of the substance. Governments will be encouraged – but not obliged – to take measures to manage the health impacts of mercury exposure. New measures may not go far enough to help artisanal gold miners. [Guardian] [UNEP Video]

Pray for the artisanal gold miners:

  • Praise that The mercury treaty, which was negotiated over four years by delegates from more than 140 countries, will be signed at a diplomatic conference in October;
  • Pray that governments come up with strategies to phase the treaty out gradually. For example, encourage the adoption of new technologies, or support recycling mercury where miners still use it.

Organic Farming Movement Can Promote Food Security

[ePrayer – Pray for Organic Farming Movement]


The modern organic farming movement emerged in the 1950s and 1960s largely as a reaction to consumer concerns about the rising use of agrochemicals. Producing food sustainably will be extremely important as the global population continues to grow and as climate change affects land quality worldwide. Organic farming has the potential to contribute to food security, boost farmer incomes, enhance biodiversity and reduce ecosystems’ vulnerability to climate change. But it is important too that organic farming form part of a larger, more sustainable global food system – where low-income consumers can access and afford fresh, nutritious foods. [IPS]

Pray for Organic Farming Movement:

  • Pray that more low income consumers can be benefit from reducing the production cost of organic food.
  • Pray that more farmers realize the importance and advantages of organic farming. They can be well-supported and if the production method converts to organic farming from traditional farming.

Keep Praying for the Illegal Migrant Workers in N. Thailand

[ePrayer – Pray for the migrant workers in Northern Thailand]


The National Verification Programme of Thai government, requesting local illegal migrant workers to verifying their identities has been finished. From Next February to May, the Burmese government will then start issuing temporary passports to those illegal workers in Thailand. The decision is part of the plan by Thailand and Myanmar to end illegal migrant workers from Myanmar. According to the Thai Labour Minister, there are 266,677 workers from Myanmar and Laos, did not verify their nationality to Thai government within the December deadline.

Pray for the migrant workers in Northern Thailand:

  • Pray for CEDAR’s local partner MMF as they provide legal support to Burmese migrant workers on issues related to work permits & registration, processing labour disputes and reconciliation;
  • Pray for Wisdom and protection on MMF migrant team as they made regular visit to give care, advice and counseling to workers in their homes and at their work sties. Many face family & social issues within the migrant communities;       
  • Pray that 25 young migrant children at the Learning Centre will receive basic care and develop spiritually and emotionally.

Community Development Programme in Afghanistan Gets Progress

[ePrayer – Pray for programme in Afghanistan]


In 2012 about 22,000 persons have benefit from the programme. The programme has established self-help groups to give weekly basic health education, literacy classes and to advocate on issues related to gender, conflict resolution, female education, nutrition, disaster mitigation and management. In the beginning there was resistance among men to participate. It was difficult for the community to understand the idea of ownership and development. Now both men and women are realising the value of learning new subjects, which helps to address some of their most basic needs and issues.

Pray for programme in Afghanistan:

  • Partner’s agency is in a looking for a long-term Director from April this year. Pray that God to send this person to fullfill this very important role;
  • Pray for safety of all staff, local and expatriate, and for the communities with whom they work. Thank God for new expatriate team members, and for those considering joining soon;
  • Pray for each one as they live and work in an often stressful environment. Local staff to continue their vision with hearts of service for their own people.