Hope Mercury Treaty Secure Gold Miners’ Health

[ePrayer – Pray for the artisanal gold miners]


With gold at near-record prices, more people have been drawn into artisanal gold mining. Most miners need to use mercury during gold-mining as it requires very little technical skills and it’s widely available. Mercury emissions contaminate water and cause harms to miner’s health. The UN mercury treaty will regulate the supply, trade and use of the substance. Governments will be encouraged – but not obliged – to take measures to manage the health impacts of mercury exposure. New measures may not go far enough to help artisanal gold miners. [Guardian] [UNEP Video]

Pray for the artisanal gold miners:

  • Praise that The mercury treaty, which was negotiated over four years by delegates from more than 140 countries, will be signed at a diplomatic conference in October;
  • Pray that governments come up with strategies to phase the treaty out gradually. For example, encourage the adoption of new technologies, or support recycling mercury where miners still use it.