Malnutrition is the Biggest Underlying Cause of Child’s Death

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The numbers of humans living on less than $1.25 a day is expected to be halved by 2015, a success for a Millennium Development Goal target set in 2000, however, economic growth does not necessarily reduce hunger especially among the world’s poorest. Under-nutrition is the biggest underlying cause of death in children under five in the world, responsible for 8,000 child deaths each day. In India, child malnutrition has increased in the past decade, despite its economic boom. A report in 2013 estimated that stunting, a form of malnutrition which causes a child to be too small for his or her age, affected at least 165 million children worldwide in 2011, with Africa and Asia showing the highest prevalence. It is said that countries will not be able to break out of poverty or sustain economic advances when so much of their population is unable to achieve the nutritional security that is needed for a healthy and productive life. [Guardian, BBC]

Pray for the world’s malnourished children :

  • Pray that all nations will be committed to supporting reduction in malnutrition to help achieve poverty eradication ;
  • Pray also that child’s nutrition will be improved in order to ensure their lives, health and development.

Organic Farming Movement Can Promote Food Security

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The modern organic farming movement emerged in the 1950s and 1960s largely as a reaction to consumer concerns about the rising use of agrochemicals. Producing food sustainably will be extremely important as the global population continues to grow and as climate change affects land quality worldwide. Organic farming has the potential to contribute to food security, boost farmer incomes, enhance biodiversity and reduce ecosystems’ vulnerability to climate change. But it is important too that organic farming form part of a larger, more sustainable global food system – where low-income consumers can access and afford fresh, nutritious foods. [IPS]

Pray for Organic Farming Movement:

  • Pray that more low income consumers can be benefit from reducing the production cost of organic food.
  • Pray that more farmers realize the importance and advantages of organic farming. They can be well-supported and if the production method converts to organic farming from traditional farming.

Community Health and Education Programme in Nepal

[ “SHARE” Sept-Oct 2012 – An Eye-Opening Experience of Poverty ] STEP INTO THE WORLD

Ram Maya lives in the mountainous area in Dhading, Nepal. She suffered from discrimination and poverty because she is Dalit. Since installing an Eco toilet set up to collect urine for organic farming, she has been enjoying very good harvests and earning good income.

With no official assistance to provide proper roads, water supply and medical care, the marginalised communities in Dhading’s mountainous areas live a desperate existence, and are often vulnerable to skin diseases, diarrhoea and fever.

CEDAR’s partner Shanti Nepal helps raise villagers’ awareness of health and hygiene, improve health care and basic medical facilities, generate income for better food security and build up support networks through community health and education programme.

With your support:

HK$250 will subsidise a household to build a toilet;
HK$500 will provide two basic health sessions for mothers’ groups;
HK$1,000 will provide four training sessions on livelihood skills to community groups

Please help support our partner’s community health and education programme to improve the lives of these marginalised communities.

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