Pray for His World

[1st Week “Micah Sunday” Prayer]

Prayer of Diligence

Dear Lord, as we reflect on the past decade, please enable us to see the world and the souls in it in the way you see them. Tell us the things that we should pray for, and most importantly, lead our hearts with your reconciling redemption and the hope given to us through your grace, that we could care for the world and the people that you held dear.

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Micah Sunday – Remember the Poor and the Oppressed Together

[ePrayer – Pray for justice and integrity worldwide]


Corruption is a huge barrier to ending extreme world poverty. EXPOSED is a global campaign who wishes to a light on corruption and to highlight good examples. As the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is annually observed on 17 October, CEDAR is calling churches and Christians to join EXPOSED, making appeals to the church, business and governments to operate with integrity.

Hong Kong churches and Christians are recommended to:

  1. join the GLOBAL CALL acting together to advocate an end to corruption;
  2. host a VIGIL during 14 to 20 October;
  3. set a Sunday in October as ‘Micah Sunday’ to remember the poor and the oppressed through prayers and actions.

Pray for justice and integrity worldwide:

  • Pray for an end to any kind of corruption;
  • Pray for a just and compassionate world.

URL: Micah Sunday – Exposed 2013