Pray for His World

[1st Week “Micah Sunday” Prayer]

Prayer of Diligence

Dear Lord, as we reflect on the past decade, please enable us to see the world and the souls in it in the way you see them. Tell us the things that we should pray for, and most importantly, lead our hearts with your reconciling redemption and the hope given to us through your grace, that we could care for the world and the people that you held dear.

We witnessed the rise of developing countries in the past decade that brought about improvements in some people’s lives, but the income gap was widened in the process due to skewed resource allocation, while our environments are also being damaged by overdevelopment. The increased international trades gave us tremendous economic opportunities but also made human trafficking easier, putting the poor migrants who searched for opportunities in the cities in further danger.

Lord we believe that when you told us to take care of the earth and its resources, you didn’t mean to let us use every last bit of it for our prosperity, but to manage and allocate them accordingly in the truth and order you’ve put in place when you created the earth, where all things, human and animals and plants alike, could sustain themselves in the enjoyment of the life you’ve given us. We pray that you would straighten our hearts first and foremost, we who have control over a large portion of the earth’s resources, and let us be aware that possession is in no way an indication of superiority over other people, that it only gives us greater responsibilities in caring for the land and one another. We ask that you would keep us from walking in step with the wicked, standing in the way that sinners take, or sitting in the company of mockers; Spirit we pray for your guidance in our delightfulness in the law of the Lord, and our meditation on your law day and night, where we would humbly obey and be the good loyal steward who fears you.

Pray for the One in Power

Lord, you are the one and only God who rules over heaven and earth, who authorize every nation in their possession of the land. We pray for the humbleness of those in power and come to know their limitations as humans, that you would terminate their unjust plots and give them a new heart that understands and responds to the cries of the poor. Please raise up your servants who fear you and are pure and just, and put them in the positions destined by you, where they could walk with you and bring justice and mercy to your people.

Pray for Those Suffering in War

Lord, we remember David who was being pursued by his son Absalom. His heart was completely broken in the face of the enemies who rose to attack him, who were once members of his family. We pray for those who are grieved by civil wars in this very moment. Please show yourself to them with your grace and mercy and deliver them from the flames of war as you delivered David from his dangers.

Since the Jasmine Revolution in North Africa in 2010, a series of revolutions and civil wars broke out in the Arabic countries. Even though some authoritarian governments were overthrown, the ongoing political instability still threatens the safety of the people. Furthermore, the prolonged conflicts in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, and other African countries, together with the extreme brutality exhibited by the ever-expanding ISIS, gravely wounded the people in those countries.

Lord please be the shield that surrounds those who are helpless in the war, and protect and deliver them with your army. Comfort them when bullets and missiles rain, for they know you are their unfaltering shelter by day or by night, under which they could find peace and rest when they’re weary.

We declare that our Lord, Yahweh, is the giver of grace alone. We pray for your blessings to the ones you love and your comfort to the ones in fear and those who experienced grave loss. We also pray that the deceased could rest in your place and be free from the fears and pains on earth.

Pray for Our Journey with the Oppressed

Lord, when we look at the prevalent poverty and both natural and human made disasters, we couldn’t help but wonder how long does it take until the oppressed and threatened could enjoy their peaceful rest? Please heed their cries and listen to their prayers. We long for your deliverance whenever they shout to you, that you would send your servants to them and free the ones being abducted and trafficked, instill hope in those wounded by disease, war, and disasters, and deliver the poor ones under oppression and slavery. We cry for your grace to the underprivileged of the earth, as you alone are the one who will lead them to live in safety.

We pray that you would mobilize the church which would become the stream of grace, where your disciples would seek vision of yours towards the world and the indigents, and proclaim the year of your favor by becoming their neighbors. In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.