[ ‘SHARE’ Nov-Dec 2012 – Care for Children ~ ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ ] EDITORIAL

Amongst different poverty relief works, children’s ministry often receive the most attention. Innocent smiles warm our hearts, and their predicament moves us to lend a helping hand.

In this issue of SHARE, we will look at our children’s ministry through the eyes of supporters, frontline workers, backstage project officers and children-beneficiaries of ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ Children Ministry Scheme, listening to what they have learned and what are important to the children.

In this perverse and unjust generation, many believers are searching for directions in life. Among them are ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ supporters, Chris, Mr. and Mrs. Wong, as well as Kenneth and his wife who participate in the ‘Visit Low-Income Families’ programme. They show us how to live out our faith and slowly change the world by starting with doing little things ourselves.

From the first ten chapters of the Book of Numbers, Fung Ceefoong, our Administration Officer, shares how we may find order in the midst of CEDAR’s hectic schedules and focus solely on God.

A ministry matters not in its scale and glamour, each project should simply be our faithful response to our belief.