An Urgent Expectation & Appeal from Frontline Service Organisations to the Government



Below are the fronline service organisations’ demands to the HKSAR Government, as stated in press release on 18th February:


  • Delivering masks to every student

  • Cracking down on price-gouging vendors

  • Creating short-term and part-time job opportunities


Issued by:


1. The Industrial Evangelical Fellowship (工業福音圑契)

2. The Society for Truth and Light (明光社)

3. The Urban Peacemaker Evangelistic Fellowship (城市睦福團契)

4. CEDAR Fund (施達基金會)

5. China Alliance Press (宣道出版社)

6. Hong Kong Church Renewal Movement (香港教會更新運動)

7. Mission to New Arrivals (新福事工協會)

8. Family Value Foundation of Hong Kong (維護家庭基金)  


Full text of press release in Chinese:


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2018 CEDAR’s Exposure Trip – A Tale of the Border Towns

(Starry sky in a Thai-Myanmar border town)


(CEDAR’s note: The writer, Dr Ho Shun Yee, joined CEDAR’s Exposure Trip to the Thai-Myanmar border towns and the northern regions in Thailand at the end of last year. In this article, Dr Ho shares her experience and thoughts about the tour. CEDAR will host another in-depth tour to Bangladesh to visit the poverty-stricken communities. For more information, please visit:


In mid-December 2018, more than ten of us from CEDAR arrived at the Thai-Myanmar border – a place that turned out to be quite different from the land of orchids, Thai silk, massages and water fights that most people would have in mind when the place is mentioned. There were cloud-shrouded mountains and singing streams, but what we heard was a song of a thousand sorrows from the border towns. Yet, in a way, it was also a song of hope.

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Prospect | Dr CHAN Nim Chung

[Annual Report 2011-2012] Prospect


> Dr CHAN Nim Chung, Chief Executive

After the exposure monitoring trips and discussions in the past two years, we have finally chosen Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, India, Nepal, Myanmar and China to be the focus countries for our projects. We have since strengthened our partnership in these focus countries through cooperation and communication to promote our mutual capability on project operation and management to provide more appropriate and effective assistance to impoverished communities.

In recent years, the Chinese and Nepalese governments have loosened official restrictions on local Christian churches. In addition to reforms in the political process in Myanmar, there is a new turning point for the growth of Christian relief and development work in these countries. CEDAR hopes to seize this opportunity to seek furthering the cooperation of Hong Kong churches with overseas churches and Christian organisations. Project sites in the above six focus countries will become important platforms for Hong Kong churches to participate in appropriate response to global ministry in the practice of integral mission. Hong Kong churches can provide strong support in human and financial resources to these overseas partners engaged in frontline ministries. This way we can develop the partnership between different nations, regions, churches and organisations in better synergy.

As a member organisation of the Hong Kong Church Network for the Poor (the HKCNP), CEDAR will endeavor to mobilise local churches to work with frontline organisations, social enterprises and government, facilitating the development of district network for social concern among churches. We look forward to churches becoming the real neighbour to the poor, giving them timely, suitable and holistic care and assistance.

May God guide our way according to His will.