From life to livelihood, walking with Zimbabwean

Applying for birth certificate appears to be nothing extraordinary, but for the Zimbabwean it is far from certain.  Because of different reasons the Zimbabwean parents could not obtain birth certificate for their children, and their children will be limited by the lack of this certificate in their lives.

“Pretty” is a single mother with a son.  She did not wed the father and lacked the money for registration.  Her son has no identity document and lacked the basic rights and protections commonly available to other children.  CEDAR Fund supports our partner in Zimbabwe, Trinity Project in its “Zero Tolerance to OVC Delayed Birth Registration”.  Trinity Project helped Pretty’s son to obtain birth certificate, and persuaded many other parents to apply for this certificate as early as possible.  With the help of our partner, Pretty obtained the birth certificate for her son and he will have a chance to be enrolled into a school in the future, and his rights will be protected.

Besides helping with birth registration, Trinity Project also support HIV carriers.  Pretty is an HIV carrier herself and requires balanced diet as part of her treatment.  However Pretty needs to take care of her young son and cannot work, making it difficult for her to get enough money for food.  Trinity Project organizes a “Income Saving and Lending Group” and allow Pretty and other women of similar backgrounds to operate a small business and earn a living.

Prayers for Zimbabwe

  • We pray that Zimbabwean parents will understand the importance of obtaining a birth certificate.
  • We pray that the different branches of Zimbabwean government will promote policies that make it easier for parents to perform birth registration.
  • We pray for our partner Trinity Project in their collaboration with local churches to help the needy.



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