Nepal Earthquake Relief: “Now I can Feel Safe and Secure during the Monsoon.”

Two months have passed since the deadly earthquakes struck Nepal. Though the needs are still immense and the road to recovery long and challenging, your kind donation and prayer support have enabled CEDAR to work with our local partners in Nepal to bring relief to the quake survivors and provide emotional support in the midst of hard times.

CEDAR has been working with four local partners on the ground, and together they have reached over 3,500 households across five districts. Rev. Pak Loh (CEDAR’s mission pastor) and a Hong Kong missionary, who has been based in Nepal for years, travelled to Nepal in June to assess the post-quake situation and needs of the survivors. At the earlier stage of relief, our main focus has been on emergency item distribution, including food, medicines, tents, lamps and blankets. Our partners were able to mobilise volunteers to assist with the distributions.

Besides, the construction of transitional shelters has also made progress. CEDAR’s partner Share and Care Nepal (SCN) has actively facilitated the distribution zinc sheets and wires in Chhap and Talakhu villages in Nuwakot District. More importantly, SCN has engaged different stakeholders during the process in the hope of building better relationships for future work on disaster management and mitigation. Below is the story of a beneficiary:

“Now I Can Feel Safe and Secure During the Monsoon.”

20150625-quke update[2]

48-year-old Thulimaya Tamang lives with her husband, four daughters and two sons in Nuwakot District. Due to poverty, she has to support her family through labour work on daily wage basis.

“On 25 April, the earthquake destroyed my house. It was beyond my imagination to rebuild it on my expenses as it was already hard for me to pay for our meal. I was so worried about how to resettle my accommodation. When SCN staff visited me, they listened to me and shared their experience of earthquake, it helped me to learn that I am not the only one in trouble and I was glad to know that SCN is working on possibilities to help us.”

“SCN provided 2 bundles of zinc sheet and GI wires to all families in our village, that is big help for us since we are worried about the monsoon ahead. We are very much grateful and indebted to SCN for their gift and the struggles they went through to manage the collection, distribution and transportation.”

20150625-quke update[3]

“I have built a temporary shelter for my family soon after I received zinc sheets and wires from SCN. Now I can feel safe and secure during the monsoon. I will keep on improving my house structure as I have received roof to my house.”

Nothing is more encouraging than seeing the affected people wearing a smile on their faces again, and gradually get back on their feet. In the coming months, CEDAR will continue to support our partners to:

  • Distribute relief items to the affected communities
  • Repair and rebuild schools and houses
  • Provide psychosocial support and disaster risk management training
  • Provide income generating skills and launch agricultural recovery work
  • Protect affected children and prevent human trafficking

Please continue to support the disaster relief and recovery work in Nepal! Your donation can bring emergency relief, post-trauma support, and rehabilitation to those affected by the earthquakes.

Prayer Support: 

  • May God continue to keep the emergency relief item distribution so that they may reach the hands of the needy and ease their burden
  • May God grant wisdom and resilience to all quake survivors, relief workers and the government of Nepal as they plan for the long-term rehabilitation
  • May God use and bless CEDAR’s local partners in Nepal as they work with the affected villagers and be great witnesses for Christ
  • May God protect especially the vulnerable people such as children, single women and elderlies from harm and exploitation in post-earthquake chaos
  • May God grant us a prayerful heart to remember and walk with our neighbours in Nepal on their road to recovery

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