7.9 Magnitude Earthquake in Nepal – Urgent Help Needed

At noon on April 25, Nepal was hit by a 7.9 magnitude earthquake – the strongest in 80 years in this poor Asian country. Powerful aftershocks followed and brought widespread devastation. The death toll has climbed close to 3,300 with more than 6,500 injured.

“It’s horrible in Kathmandu at the moment. There are a lot of aftershocks, really strong ones. The aftershocks are scary when you know buildings are already weakened.” a staff from Tearfund UK described the quake scene.

“Most people in Kathmandu are sleeping outside. Aftershocks are continuing and are likely to do so for some time.” says a staff of United Mission to Nepal (UMN), CEDAR’s partner in Nepal.

NPL-TFUK-15_Daniel Denness UVN-Patan Durbar Square 2
Severe earthquake damage in Kathmandu’s Old City

The earthquake has led to water and power shortage. Hospitals are flooded with injured patients and medical supply is also running out. Besides, the damages of communications and transportation infrastructures have also made it difficult to assess the disaster situation in areas (especially the rural mountain area) outside of Kathmandu. The death and injury toll is expected to rise. India and northern Bangladesh are also affected by this powerful earthquake.

As a member of Integral Alliance (IA), CEDAR has joined IA’s emergency meeting on the day after the quake to understand the latest situation and map out the relief operation. 14 members of IA will respond jointly through our local partners in Nepal to assess the damage and needs, and set out the initial emergency relief operation. Staff from some member organisations are on way to Nepal to assist with assessment and medical support. Also, CEDAR has been reaching out to the Nepali churches in Hong Kong to understand the needs of their relatives and communities in Nepal.

Please act now and help the affected people in Nepal:

Your donation can help provide emergency relief, post-disaster psychosocial support, and rehabilitation for the affected.

Let us pray for our suffering neighbors in Nepal:

  • The quake-affected are worried about the recurring aftershocks, may God watch over them and grant them peace and safety in the midst of quakes;
  • May God have mercy on those who are still trapped under the debris, pray that the rescue team will find them soon and save their lives;
  • Pray that all the relief supplies and resources, especially medical support, will soon reach the hands of the needy;
  • Pray for the recovery of all communications and transportation network so that the relief teams can reach the rural areas as soon as possible;
  • May God keep and bless all relief and rescue teams, including CEDAR’s local partners in Nepal, and staff of IA’s members who are in Nepal

“We are grateful for your thoughts and prayers for the people of Nepal at this time.” – UMN, CEDAR’s partner.

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