Fight Human Trafficking with Nepali Community

“When I found out I was sold by my husband, I wanted to end my life.” Growing up in the mountain area in Nepal, Suntali was married at the age of 15 and she had two daughters and a son. To support her family, Suntali worked in other people’s farms and earned very little money. She then followed her husband and went to Saudi Arabia to work as a domestic helper. At first, she thought she could earn a better income to improve her family’s life, but unfortunately she suffered constant hunger, physical violence and even sexual assault. Later, Suntali discovered that her husband had sold her for 20,000 Rupees (about US$200). It was a shock to her and she once thought about committing suicide, but the next thought of her lovely children kept her alive. In the end, with the help of her family and relief agency in Nepal, Suntali returned home safely.

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