Words from a Retiree | Rev. Lee Ching-chee

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Author> Rev. Lee Ching-chee

‘The wonder of the setting sun, oh but dusk is nigh.’ This sad observation is also from many who had just stepped into retirement life! Although everyone knows that we all grow old, many people do not want to see it coming to their life and in fact are quite anxious over aging. Actually, if we do not cling onto yesterday’s achievements, or worry about tomorrow which is unknown, but cherish what we have today, then we can enjoy the wonderful sunset and live in joy and peace.

I have retired for sixteen years (according to our church’s system, pastors retire at 65) and entered into the age of 80’s last year. The past sixteen years brought me much enjoyment: felt like a caged bird set free, having the leisure to appreciate God’s creation and life’s delights. Never forcing myself to get busy but learning to live a carefree life after retirement.

Retirement is not only about having the freedom to not going to work, it is also the freedom to choose to do what you like or wish to commit to. After retirement I continue to preach with integrity and wholeheartedness, but without any official title. I no longer need to attend ceremonies and banquets, and enjoy the freedom of doing and not-doing. I can make better use of God’s blessings to bless more people.

Retirement does not mean we have to stay home, but being spared from unnecessary and unproductive meetings, so to have more space and time to get to know the people and things around us, and to see what our society is like. We may not be able to get involved in many social ministries, but we can participate in different ways to support and encourage those who care about the community’s welfare. We have stepped down from our jobs and positions, but we need not withdraw, quit or disengage!

Rev. Lee Ching-chee is the first officially ordained female pastor in the territory. She was the Associate General Secretary of the Hong Kong Council of the Church of Christ in China and Vice Principal of Ying Wa Girls’ School.