May the Lives of Slum Children in India Change

[ePrayer – Pray for Children’s Ministry in India]

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Josephin Sheeba, living in the slum of Tamil Nadu, India, came from a broken family. When Josephin was six, her parents got divorced and since then she has been taken care by her grandmother. She has received basic need support from CMCT, a CEDAR’s partner, since her fourth year in primary school and also knows God through CMCT. Her life is completely changed then. With the help from CMCT, the scar in her heart is slowly mended and she was able to overcome her hopeless and desperate past. She has now finished her study in a bible seminary school and joins God’s ministry.

CMCT celebrates her 50th anniversary this year. CMCT supports many hopeless children in India’s slums. A total of 1,800 poor children receive basic need support from CMCT. CEDAR sponsors 204 of them through provision of food, daily necessities, medical support, education, vocational trainings, and also in spiritual care.

CEDAR’s staff visited CMCT this January and we are glad that most of the graduated children are able to further their studies in universities. Those who devoted their lives to God are probably the future of the society and will make significant contribution to the communities. According to CMCT, 150 of their 1,800 sponsored children still wait for a regular donor support. May our God provide for the needs of CMCT.

‘Make me a blessing, make me a blessing, out of my life may Jesus shine; Make me a blessing to someone today. (Make Me a Blessing)’. We see how life impacts life in generations. Thanks to CMCT’s service that Josephin experiences a complete life transformation. May God bring changes to many more slum children in India.

Pray for Children’s Ministry in India:

  • Thanks for the partnership between CMCT and CEDAR for bringing hopes to the poor children in India over the past 18 years;
  • Pray that more Christians will be willing to support CMCT by participating in their child sponsorship programme, giving generously in financial and human terms;
  • Pray for more wisdom granted to the CMCT staffs that they know how to better serve the poor children with love and care, and also help them in fully utilizing their skills and strengths that in future these children can make contribution to their society and serve the need;
  • Pray for the general election in India that will be held from 7 April to 12 May. Pray that it will run smoothly and political parties who show care to the poor and deprived groups will be elected. Pray also that under the new government, the work of local churches and organisations will carry on as before.

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