Who Will Give the Impoverished Families in Ethiopia a “Second Life”?

[ePrayer – Pray for the Impoverished Families in Ethiopia]


Shashe is a mother living in Ethiopia. She once had her own family, a husband and a few children. Although life was difficult and impoverished, at least she had her loved ones under her knees. Unfortunately she then had leprosy, and because of her huge medical expenses, her husband deserted her and took the children away. After that, Shashe lived in destitute situation with her youngest daughter Senkensh. As a single mother, she becomes more vulnerable to any kind of discriminations and bullies, making her life very difficult. She was once almost killed by a swindler when trying to find a job; and, on one occasion, was nearly kidnapped on the street. Basic needs such as security and dignity are too remote for her and her daughter.

One day, her life was changed after a visit from Addis Ababa Geunet Church (AAGC). The church members of AAGC took her to the hospital to receive the treatment of Leprosy, and also started to support her daughter’s living through their child sponsorship programme. With the sponsorship, her daughter can study in school as what she had been longing for.

Though Shashe only has 50 cents for living a day, she deeply believes ‘The Lord is looking after us.’ Now, Shashe and Senkensh live with hope instead of hopeless, and in light instead of darkness, as if having their ‘Second Life’.

The song writer of ‘Amazing Grace’ once made his living by trafficking the black slaves. After surrending his life to Jesus, he endeavored to fight against the black slave system. At that moment, he wrote a song to praise the love and grace of God. Our Lord heard the cry from the oppressed and hopeless. Do you hear their voice? Where does the voice come from? How may you respond to the oppressed and hopeless?

 Addis Ababa Geunet Church (AAGC) is a CEDAR’s partner in Ethiopia. Since 1995, CEDAR has supported AAGC’s children ministry, which provides basic needs to about 200 impoverished children such as food, daily necessities, medical and education subsidies, vocational training and also in spiritual support. Orphans and children from single families will have priority in enrolling in the sponsorship programme. Next will be those from the impoverished families. Most of the sponsored children can get a job in the city after graduation; some may continue their studies in university.

Pray for the Impoverished Families in Ethiopia:

  • Pray that God will continue to empower AAGC to walk with more impoverished families and vulnerable children, bringing transformation to those families and their society by the amazing grace of God;
  • May God bless the sponsored children to be the channel of His grace, through them that His grace and love are shared with other vulnerable children, impoverished families and their communities.

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