Caring for Our Society Practising Our Faith | Matthew

[ ‘SHARE’ Mar-Apr 2013 – Between City and Village ] TAKING ACTION


Author> Matthew, Chairperson of Hong Kong Baptist University Christian Student Union (CSU)

This year, through CEDAR, CSU visited new immigrant women and people living in wooden-partitioned cubicles, and after visits we met up to share our thoughts and experiences. In CSU, all Christian students have unrestricted space for examining our faith and how it can be applied in our lives. A Christian’s spiritual life and concern for society are interdependent; therefore, we as a group of Christian students walk in our community and establish contact with others so that through visits, sharing and reflection we may work out how we live out ‘Christian caring for the society’.


This project helped us see differently those we visited. The media often portray new immigrant women in a negative way, but after meeting with them, we discovered that they have come to Hong Kong not to get the territory’s resources for their own use, but for their children’s future.

Students live a colourful and exciting life, members of CSU study different courses and go to classes at different times, and furthermore they have their own church activities to attend, so it was tricky trying to arrange our visits. Not all the churches of CSU members have a community ministry hence we hope that these visits can enrich and broaden the scope of applying our faith.