IM Forum

[Annual Report 2011-2012] Networking


Review of 2011 to 2012

IM Forum was set up in Nov 2011. Since then, the Forum have networked over 50 pastors, co-workers and Christians from churches, Christian organisations, seminaries and social enterprises, to explore ways to practise integral mission that link theology and churches, business and community service.

50 more leaders from churches, Christian organisations, seminaries and social enterprises joined IM Forum

Learning and Prospect

We are happy with the business network that had been developed as part of their strategy. In 2012-2013, IM Forum will focus on mobilising frontline Christian organisations and seminaries to explore how Christian organisations and churches can practise integral mission in the community to provide solid theological support to these frontline ministries.

In addition, we will put together the experiences of churches and Christian organisations from Hong Kong, Mainland China and overseas to produce materials as tools, teaching and references to provide Hong Kong and Mainland China’s churches to use; and help to develop networks and partnership between different churches, Christian organisations and groups as a way to build the Body of Christ to engage in the global ministry on mission for the poor.