Mobilising Churches

[Annual Report 2011-2012] Mobilising Churches and Christians


Review of 2011 to 2012

In the past year CEDAR reached out to 73 churches/groups. Some want to know more about serving the poor and have put the theory into practice. We also have close cooperation with two churches, organized seminars, visited marginalized communities such as low-income families, new migrant single mothers and needy students, explored midnight markets to try and understand what goods or services low-income communities buy.  The social concern group of one of the cooperating churches has plans to mobilise other churches and the general public, to help them learn about the needs of low-income families in Hong Kong through publications and exhibitions in the coming six months.

73 times of sharing at churches/groups

Learning and Prospect

In the past ministry year, we are happy to know that many churches share the concept of integral mission, however so far our cooperation with churches are mainly one-off therefore we believe more coordination and preparation are needed on how to explore and develop church ministry on social concern. CEDAR has plan to develop more simple and ready-made information and materials for churches to teach and encourage congregations to respond to the need of the society and the world.

Alice’s Sharing

‘In Christ, every churches, organisations and Christian groups are part of the body of Christ, bearing the same Kingdom mission. We are looking forward to have closer partnership with local churches and Christian groups by in-depth communication, cooperation and mutual learning, in order to work out the integral mission of Church more appropriately and effectively.

We Love So That the World Will Be Different | Kenneth

[ ‘SHARE’ Nov-Dec 2012 – Care for Children ~ ‘Join Hands Join Hearts’ ] TAKING ACTION

Author> Kenneth

After completing CEDAR’s course on poverty relief, my wife and I decided to put theory into practice and joined a programme of visiting grass-root low-income families. And there was no stopping once we started.

I remember we were clueless on our first visit; we were anxious to make conversation with the family while noting their needs to report to MKKFA Chan Hing Social Service Centre. But God had already prepared they way for us: Mr. Lam was very talkative. We chatted on topics from the economy to parenting; his wife and mine hit it off with each other almost immediately and their two boys were jolly lads and warmed my heart when the older one insisted on giving me their only ice lolly.

Gradually, we stopped ‘making visits’ and started ‘building relationships’. The programme has bonded two unrelated families and now we are friends. It may seem impossible in a cold and distant society like ours but it happened naturally in the Lord. When we learn to love, we are loved at the same time.

Disasters, conflicts and injustices occur every day – which individual, group or even nation can change the situation? Are we building a better kingdom? Rather than taking the trouble to hold high-level meetings, we can start with ourselves, to love and care for the people around us. Then our world will be very different.

We will love, because He loved us first
No matter what, we’ll choose to stay together
So we will smile and we’ll forgive
For Your love will bring us heaven on earth *

In 2009, CEDAR and Mong Kok Kai Fong Association Ltd. Chan Hing Social Service Centre jointly launched the ‘Walk in Love – Visit Low-Income Families Programme’, to show loving care and build friendships through regular visits. The programme has already gone through three phases with over 40 participants visiting 20 families. Kenneth is one of the participants along with his wife.

* Stream of Praise Chinese song, written by Sandy Yu and translated by Mary Chikagami Lee, Tina Wu, Sandy Yu visited 23/10/2102.