In His earthly days Jesus the Word became flesh and travelled through towns and villages; with love, grace and truth He preached the good news of the heavenly kingdom, healed the sick and had compassion on the lonely and despondent. As Christ’s disciples, we also ought to read both the bible and the newspaper (quoting John Stott), so that while we seek to understand the Truth we may also keep our eyes open to the world’s needs.

Over the past few years CEDAR has sought to facilitate ‘show and tell’ where, through practice and participation, believers reflect on the question of ‘walking with the poor’ and learn about ‘words become flesh’. In this issue of Voice some students and believers who joined our ‘show and tell’ events tell us how each experience has sown a seed that has brought changes to their lives.

We do not have one single poverty relief formula for dealing with impoverishment and disasters. CEDAR staff Lawton believes that help for the poor may be more appropriate if development projects are modified according to each individual community’s unique situation.

A concern for the poor begins with a compassionate heart, and walking with the poor requires a lifetime of learning and practising.