Pray for Myanmar

(4 March 2021)


From the beginning of February, people from different industries and backgrounds have continued to come onto the streets, a site that is familiar to many.


In Myanmar, there has been bloodshed, countless have been arrested during the night and news outlets remain blocked. At the time of writing, at least 50 protestors killed since the military seized control on 1 February. Sorrow, anger and fear have filled the hearts of the people in Myanmar. We pray to our loving and righteous Lord to hear and see the people’s plight and those who are mourning.


Coupled alongside danger and instability is the global pandemic. This will only cause the people of Myanmar to become even more impoverished. Alongside our partners, we hope to be able to reach out the poorest and most vulnerable people in Myanmar and provide them with direct assistance.


Pray for the civilians in the slums of Myanmar:

With the closure of factories and shops, many families no longer have any income. We ask the Lord to set these people free and use their potential and skills to help each other. Our Lord, you stand with the poor and take special care of orphans, widows, the disabled and the internally displaced. You will never forsake them.


Pray for CEDAR’s partner working in the slums:

Our benevolent Lord, please lead CEDAR’s partner, New Hope to continue to reach the most vulnerable and impoverished communities and provide them with immediate help. New Hope has been visiting 300 households in slums every week. With the ongoing pandemic, we ask you to protect frontline workers who are still serving in danger and even stay at the service centre overnight to ensure community services remain undisturbed.


Pray for CEDAR partner serving young girls who have been sexually exploited or trafficked:

CEDAR’s partner Eden Myanmar has a shelter for girls who have been sexually exploited or trafficked. It now houses a total of 40 girls. The social turmoil since the military coup in Myanmar has reminded the young girls of their traumatic past. We ask our Lord to continue to live in the hearts of these young girls and so that this shelter will be a place of sanctuary for them. We pray that Eden’s work will continue to restore and release them from anxiety and grant them hope.


Pray for the rescue work of CEDAR’s partner in areas of armed conflict:

In late January, clashes have set villages in Karen state ablaze, destroying rice fields and displacing countless villagers. The military has allowed limited access to enter and leave these villages; some villagers have returned to their homes. CEDAR’s partner Fullmoon Family Foundation (FMFF) plans to distribute rice, beans, potatoes and other food supplies to seven affected villages. Around 2,400 beneficiaries will be benefited from the relief.


Pray for the situation in Myanmar:

Under repression, the people in Myanmar are still trying to express demands peacefully. Please pray for the Lord’s protection and prevent peaceful demonstrations from turning into violent ones, for those in power to respond to the people’s demands of freedom and peace and resume its progress towards democracy.

We pray for those who have been illegally detained and hope that the relevant authorities release them. We pray for families who live in panic and fear of being captured daily. We ask that the Lord protect and guide them, especially those who voluntarily protect and keep watch for their community at night.

We also ask the Holy Spirit to work in the hearts of the people in Myanmar. Myanmar has experienced years of war and division. We pray that the current situation will not cause further division and attacks on each other, and they will be able to unite as one to safeguard peace and justice.