The Letter From CEDAR | March 2019

Dear Friends of CEDAR,


Few weeks ago, I took a train to Yuen Long for a meeting. Arriving at the train station’s lobby, I heard a loud and angry voice with foul languages from a short distance. A young man was yelling at a Station Assistant because the ticketing machines would not take his HK$100 note and he was in a hurry. The Assistant patiently advised him to purchase a ticket from the ticketing office. At the ticketing office, right after handing in the HK$100 note, he started scolding again for the same issue. The staff then had to respond to his complaint, instead of getting him a ticket.


I didn’t stop to see how he finally got the ticket, but I wondered if this young man realised his emotional act was actually causing further delay to his trip. This is an example of how emotion and a busy mind could distract us from the important things.


Living in a city like Hong Kong, busyness is surely getting into our way in pursuing a life that pleases God.  For Christians, it is important to study the Scriptures, pray, and go to church on Sundays, but we often struggle to find time to maintain these practices; not to mention caring for the environment. This challenge is real, but we don’t need to give up. Perhaps, we can start with a simple small action each day to think again of God’s intention for His Creation.


For the coming Lent, CEDAR has created an action calendar to aid brothers and sisters to re-prioritise their daily lives. We would be reflecting on the topic of Creation Care, so that we could be good earthly stewards that glorify God. You can find the calendar and further details here (available in Chinese) and read bi-weekly Lent articles on our website.


If you would like to go deeper into the topic, CEDAR and few other ministry organisations are organising the Lausanne Movement Creation Care Conference in Hong Kong on 30th September and 1st October this year. Please keep an eye for more info on our website.



Your brother

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Raymond Kwong

Chief Executive