Ecuador Earthquake and Haiti Hurricane Relief Updates

Ecuador has experienced several earthquakes in April 2016 that caused the death of 650 and the miseries of another 380 thousand. Half a year later, the central American Haiti experienced a tornado that affected 2 million of its countrymen. We are thankful for the support of the Christian body for channeling their funds through us to the member organizations of the Integral Alliance (IA) within both countries, who worked tirelessly in alleviating the situation.

 Ecuador Earthquake Relief

In the past year, a total of 9 IA members, including CEDAR, have joined the relief efforts, benefiting over 63,000 individuals. The first phase of IA’s relief project was to provide food, clean water, and medical facilities; the second phase was to help the disaster victims in rebuilding their economies, while continuing the education of 1,000 children. Still, the most significant help our partners provided was probably the ones that mended hearts and brought back hopes in face of the traumas.

Relief Updates-01

Rebuilding Haiti Post-tornado

CEDAR responded to the tornado in Haiti immediately via supporting the members of IA, including Food for the Hungry, Medair, MTI, and World Concern Haiti, who helped in rebuilding the homes of the affected. They constantly worked with the local churches in the past 6 months in providing a large quantity of house-building materials and tools to the victims, besides giving them basic food and water supplies, enabling them to promptly rebuild or repair their damaged homes.

Relief Updates-02

Houses were leveled by the tornado

Relief Updates-03

Pastor Masse put his hand at the water level during the storm floods. He was thankful for the opportunity to help rebuilding the community with IA members and several local churches.

The frontline staff of World Concern told us, “This is not possible without the help of the cooperation and support from 17 members of IA. We effectively and accurately evaluated the damage in various regions and were able to provide appropriate help.”

*The Integral Alliance (IA) joins 23 Christian relief and developmental organizations, including CEDAR, in improving their effectiveness in response to global poverty.  We pray that God would continue to utilize this network to show His love to the world through our concerted efforts and services.

Relief Updates-04

Pray for Ecuador and Haiti:

  • Pray that God would bless the speedy recovery of the victims and their properties.
  • Pray for the economy of both countries so that the people could live in abundance and peace.
  • Pray for the IA workers on the field, that their cooperation with the church would prove fruitful and beneficial to more disaster victims, in which they would be deeply touched by the love of Jesus.