God Disposes?—Pray for the agriculturally difficult situation in Zimbabwe

A farmer could only grow crops with the help of a fine weather, the fertile land, and the technique he/she possesses. Sadly, the weather is often against men’s will, and its impact reaches beyond the immediate food scarcity; the inability to store crops and seeds also hampers the subsequent farming activates. Unfortunately, the El noir in the past 3 years have caused severe drought in multiple eastern African countries, and a tremendous amount of people are suffering from famine, especially for countries like Zimbabwe, where over 65% of its population survives on farming.

We could not change the weather in any capacities, but we could improve the farming techniques of the people, allowing them to survive and co-exist with the land. CEDAR’s partner in Zimbabwe, the Foundation for Farming (FfF), advocated for a respectful attitude to the land that is in line with both the Bible and the local environments of Zimbabwe. It teaches the farmers to better cooperate with the nature and manage their farms, instead of only treating them as means of production.

The FfF also educates and changes the farmers’ lives through the teachings of the Bible, advocating gender equality with women agricultural education, and promoting responsible financial management and family unity. They carefully distribute seed packs to avoid the farmers from building reliance, and they would perform monthly evaluations and reward those who had good progress.

We support FfF in improving the lives of the indigenous farmers in remote areas such as Doma, which lies in the northern borders of Zimbabwe. They provided a 12-days intensive training to 30 farming families under extreme poverty, teaching them how to improve their yields and the quality of their farmlands, along with their family relationships.

Pray for Zimbabwe and FfF:

  • Pray that God would allow a better weather so food would grow from the land, and the farmers could be fed.
  • Pray that God would continue to bless the farmers who benefited from FfF’s training, that they could learn more techniques and effectively apply them for better yields.
  • Pray that the staff of FfF could build a loving and trusting relationship with the farmers, so that the farmers could be well supported and not be alone in their struggles.