CEDAR and Partners Respond to Dire Famine in East Africa

Currently, drought and famine in East Africa are putting 20,000,000 lives in grave danger, and imminent humanitarian help is needed. The members of the Integral Alliance (IA) are constantly monitoring the needs of Somali, North Kaya, and Ethiopia and are actively planning to provide relieves.

Some regions in Ethiopia haven’t rained for 2 years, where currently 10,000,000 Ethiopians experience shortage of food, of which 5,600,000 of them are in acute need. The total affected population is expected to rise in half in the future months. Our partners, Food for the Hungry and Tearfund Ethiopia instantly distributed food and nutrition supplements to the locals to temporarily soothe the situation.

The global food production report by the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UN states that our food production underwent exponential growth, to the point where everyone should have enough food by the numbers. Sadly, the imbalance of food distribution caused excess in some parts of the world, while the other parts suffer.

Another report from the FAO, Crop Prospects and Food Situation, reveals 37 countries that survive on outside help, 28 of which are in Africa. The global climate change had only made it worse for farmers to grow and store food. The El Niño has caused decreased rainfall, and consequently drought, famine, and spiked food price in Africa last year. Internal conflicts further worsened the situation by disrupting farming and food storage. [FAO]

As a member of IA, CEDAR will closely follow the famine updates in East Africa, and extend our help especially to those in Ethiopia through the hands of other members of IA.

Please act now and support CEDAR’s and other IA member’s famine relief efforts in East Africa.

Prayer Items:

  • Pray that God would alleviate the famine and provide enough food to the ones affected.
  • Pray that God would bless the climate and bring to our attention the importance of environmental responsibilities, which would hopefully decrease the damage done by extreme weather in turn.
  • Pray that God would lead and guide the cooperation between the local governments and humanitarian organizations to help the people without food.
  • Pray for the cease of conflicts within multiple nations, may He bring peace and reconciliation.

Relief Donation:

(Please mark “Emergency Relief”)

[1] All funds received will go to CEDAR’s Emergency Relief and Disaster Preparedness Fund. Funds will be deployed to support the emergency famine relief in Ethiopia according to the budget devised from the crisis evaluation.
[2] Besides the crisis in East Africa, CEDAR is also funding the relief efforts in Northern Uganda targeted towards the refugees from South Sudan, and the flooding in Zimbabwe.
[3] Donations over $100 are tax deductible in Hong Kong with our receipts.
[4] Please DO NOT fax any donation information.

Contact Method:

Add>G.P.O. Box 3212Hong Kong

CEDAR’s Relief and Rehabilitation Work in Past: http://eng.cedarfund.org/relief/
CEDAR Approach on Relief and Rehabilitation: http://cedarfundeng.wordpresss.com/relief-approach/


*Integral Alliance is a global alliance of 23 Christian relief and development agencies, working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide. CEDAR Fund is one of the member agencies.