Sustained Monsoon Storms and Floods Affecting Millions in South Asia

South Asia Floods 2016

The Monsoon storms and Typhoon were devastating to Bangladesh, Myanmar, India, and Nepal last year around this time. This year, millions of residents of South Asia continued to suffer from the floods and landslides caused by the violent weather, and are in great need of our help and prayers.

As of mid-August, we have received the following reports:

  • In 51 Provinces of Nepal, over 13,000 families are being affected.
  • Multiple areas in Northern India are experiencing floods, affecting over 2.7 million people in Bihar, Assam, and West Bengal alone.
  • The number of people being affected in Bangladesh has reached 3.2 million.
  • At least 420,000 people have lost their homes in Myanmar.

Two weeks ago, CEDAR had donated to support our partners in Nepal and India in providing life essentials such as food, personal health supplies, blankets, and mosquito nets for the families affected. We are also planning to make a donation to our partners in Myanmar to support their disaster relief efforts in the delta area in Central Myanmar. They will provide food and clean water to the victims from six affected villages.

Frontline workers are in need of partners who could support them both physically and through prayers, since they are under tremendous amount of stress in responding to the overwhelmingly large number of disaster victims. They are driven by the sole purpose to spread love and hope among the desperate.

CEDAR will continue to support the disaster relief efforts in Nepal, India and Myanmar while keeping contact with those in Bangladesh. Please support the victims through your prayers and donations.


Prayer Items:

  • Pray that the flood could subside in due time to ease the relief efforts;
  • Pray for God’s mercy in those living in the mountains by allowing less landslide occurrences;
  • Pray for the safety of the rescuers and those who are trapped;
  • Pray for the sufficiency of our partners so they could respond to the needs accordingly, and pray that the help given by the church and Christians could make actual impact in the victims, giving them love and hope.

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