Nepal floods due to heavy rain; CEDAR now stands by local relief work

15 months after the earthquake in Nepal, floods and landslides caused by heavy rain struck the country in more than half of the provinces. Till 27 July, there are already 7,900 households affected and 5,400 families displaced. CEDAR’s partner, Asal Chhimekee Nepal-Pokhara (A.C.N), are now sending emergency relief support to one of the severely hit districts, Nawalparasi.

The flood was caused by heavy rainfalls that continued for days last week. The water raised and reached up to the neck area, said the disaster victims. As the floods struck during nighttime, most villagers failed to escape from the disaster, resulting in serious loss of property. Shortly after last year’s earthquake, villagers has again lost their homes.

A.C.N has immediately contacted the church in Nawalparasi district, and sent staff to the disaster area for relief planning and implementation work. CEDAR will support A.C.N in their relief work, which includes helping 300 affected families, providing them with relief support that includes emergency food, hygiene and health utilities, blankets and mosquito nets to alleviate the plight of victims.

We ask you to pray together with us, for the provision and protection of our God, and that affected communities and our partner can receive timely aid when rebuilding the homes for the victims.

A.C.N is the social wing of Pokhara Christian Community – a platform of 45 local churches in Pokhara. They were able to help around 60,000 people after 2015 earthquake with food and non-food items reaching over 40 VDCs in 7 highly affected districts.

Prayer Items:

  • Thank God that churches in Nepal are willing to walk with the vulnerable in disasters, reaching out to those in need. We pray for the comfort, protection and healing of our Father among the broken.
  • Pray for the frontline rescue work; for good weather, so that rescue work can be carried out safely and smoothly.

Please act now and help the affected people in Nepal to get emergency relief:

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