In the Revolution of Time – CEDAR’s 25 years of Walk with the Poor

CEDAR’s 25th Anniversary and Inauguration Ceremony has been successfully held at Mongkok Baptist Church on 9 July, 2016. Together with more than a hundred guests, we counted the blessings of the Lord and thanked our compassionate God who has faithfully led CEDAR in the past 25 years. We have also witnessed the inauguration of our new chief executive, Dr. Raymond Kwong.

The ceremony began with worship led by Mongkok Baptist Church, one of our church partners who serve the poor with us hand-in-hand. A video featuring the Myanmar children in Full Moon children home singing a worship song named “Emmanuel” is the climax of the worship, and the whole audience praised God for His grace and salvation. After worship, CEDAR’s founder and first chief executive, Mr. Oliver Mak, led the congregation in prayer. He gave thanks to the Lord and prayed that God will continue to bless our ministry and help us to continue our humble walk with the poor communities.

Our chairman of the Board, Mr. Li Shu Pui, shared CEDAR’s work under the leadership of different CEs and board members. From affirming and responding to God’s calling and supporting overseas ministries, to developing CEDAR’s own projects and staff team, to now striving to explore and practice integral mission. Dr. Chan Nim Chung, our former CE who just stepped down in March, also shared that the fruitful works of many “Faith Based Organizations” have attracted the attention of United Nations and other international organizations. It shows spirituality is an important aspect in reaching a holistic transformation, echoing the concept of Kingdom Mission, which CEDAR has focused in the past two years.

We thank God for bringing Dr. Raymond Kwong to CEDAR as our new chief executive on our 25th Anniversary. The former chairman of the Board, Revered Lo Ping Chiu, encouraged Dr. Kwong and the team by using the passage of Luke 17:11-19, giving insights on how Jesus went into a village of leprosy to save and heal, so to remind CEDAR to continue the servanthood attitude just like Jesus. Finally Dr. Kwong shared in his speech that walls had been erected between us and the poor, minorities and the disadvantaged, and these diversities must be broken down by those who built the walls, which are ourselves.

Last but not least, we want to give a special word of appreciation to Mongkok Baptist Church for their kindness in lending out their venue and for leading us in worship. And a big “thank-you” to Pastor Steven Shin Wai Ching, for composing the Cantonese lyrics for the Myanmar worship song “Emmanuel”.


CEDAR Fund is an independent Christian relief and development organization founded in Hong Kong in 1991. We work “From church, Through church”. Together with local and overseas churches and organizations, we aim to build a just and compassionate world together in Christ, serving communities in Africa and Asia.

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