Annual Report 2014-2015

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Thank God for His Guidance & Grace

Thank you for the support from God, our Lord, and you all in 2015! Stepping into our 25th anniversary, we pray that God will continue to bestow His grace letting us be a part of His work and being the witness of His amazing work among the poor.


Thanks for Your Company on the Journey of Transforming Life 


Fight against human trafficking with Nepalese women
Through attending life education classes, women living in a mountain area of Makawanpur, Nepal, gather together to teach villagers how to take precaution against human trafficking and they even saved a 14-year old teenager from a trafficker.


Ethnic minority in Northern Thailand gets feed from the land
Although Palaung, an ethnic minority tribe living in Northern Thailand, does not own any farmland, they are able to make use of the little land behind their houses to grow vegetables and raise catfish or pigs for a self-sufficient life.


Survivors of Nepal earthquake can live with a peace in mind
The 4.25 earthquake and numerous aftershocks have made Nepalese girl Kamala worried and frightened everyday. Her heart was finally settled down when she received sheets of zinc to build a temporary accommodation. “I now feel safe, at ease and comfortable living with my family in this little hut,” said Kamala.


Take initiative to stop harmful tradition in Ethiopia
Yemisirach is just married. Her mother-in-law accepts that she has not undergone the female genital mutilation procedure. “Through teachings from church and other community education activities, we learn and understand the harm of traditional female genital mutilation. Therefore we fully support the decision of our son and daughter-in-law.”


Finally young rag-pickers living in the slums in India can attend school
11-year old Nadeem went to classes organised by the children activity center in the slum area of India to learn simple vocabulary.  He was later admitted to a government school through the help of CEDAR’s partner.  “I am so happy to see that he can read road signs and the route number of buses now,” said his father.


Church of Bangladesh puts learning into action
Church of Bangladesh lives out the biblical learning to care for community by turning the open space next to the Church into a farmland.  Proceeds from the farmland are used to subsidise children and teens in their education expenses.

Key Activities of the Year

July 2014
► Participated in the “Signs of Hope in the City”, a city mission conference in Malaysia
► Tsung Tsin Mission of Hong Kong Whampoa Church visited Ethiopia
► Visited project sites in Bangladesh
► Organized training for our project staffs and/or partners in Yunnan

August 2014
► Mongkok Baptist Church visited project sites in Yunnan, China

September 2014
► Visited project sites in Northern Thailand
► Carried out earthquake relief operation at Ludian county of Yunnan in China

October 2014
► Traveled to India to support their flood relief work
► Participated in the NGO staff training in Shanxi, China

November 2014
► Conducted project evaluation in Myanmar
► Visited project sites in Yunnan
► CEDAR Barefoot Walk held on Nov 8

January 2015
► Visited project sites in Yunnan
► Conducted project evaluation in Ethiopia

February 2015
► Organised ‘Red Packet Campaign’ & ‘Pass the Gut – Goodness.Gracious Campaign’ to raise funds for those in need

March 2015
► Visited project sites in the rural area of Hubei, China
► Co-organised the conference of “Unsung Heroes: Inspiring Faith”
► Organised “Carbon Fast 2015” during Lent
► Planned an exposure trip to Bangladesh (It was cancelled at the end due to the unstable political situation)
► Visited project sites in Myanmar

April 2015
► Mongkok Baptist Church visited project sites in Yunnan, China

May 2014
► Visited project sites in the rural area of Hubei, China
► Conducted a “Cross-border training” in Yunnan, China for the churches in Yunnan and Myanmar
► Organised prayer meeting to remember the people in need from the massive earthquake in Nepal
► Organised a sharing meeting to raise awareness on human trafficking

June 2015
► Traveled to Nepal and assisted our partners in their earthquake relief work

Conclusion & Way Forward

CEDAR Strategic Plan for 2010-2014 ended in this year.  In the past five years, CEDAR focused on the poverty situation and needs in Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Bangladesh, Nepal, Myanmar and China, enhancing the partnership with the local churches and Christian organisations in these countries, and supporting them in realizing more comprehensive and advanced development projects, seeing transformation of lives and communities.

We witness God’s grace among our partnerships in China, Myanmar and Nepal, through them the needs of those victims of human trafficking are responded to.  Through our partners in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and India, we have served those living in the slums.  Through our partners in Myanmar we supported post-war development, and have rendered care to some orphans and children who were affected by natural disaster and war.  We supported the works of our partners in Zimbabwe, Nepal and India, to voice out the needs of the disadvantaged and oppressed, thereby protecting their basic rights and standard of living. In order to effectively respond to damages caused by natural disasters, we continue to be a member of Integral Alliance (a network of Christian relief and development organisations around the world) so with a collective effort, immediate relief can be provided followed by post-disaster relief and recovery.

There are too many things we need to thank God for.  Looking ahead, we pray that we will continue to work closely with local and overseas churches and partners to attend to more needs of the poor.  We pray that we can restore the relationship between men and men, between men and their society, between men and the environment, and most importantly between men and God.  We pray that the lives of these communities in poverty will be transformed, and that we build a just and loving world in Christ.  We will plan our work for 2016-2020 in early 2016, and may our gracious Lord guide us as He guided us in the last 5 years.

Financial Report


  • Programme and Relief Expenditure is HKD14,871,437.
  • The surplus of this fiscal year in our accounting record is HKD3,218,277, in which HKD3,028,107 is the unused relief fund for “Nepal Earthquake Relief and Rehabilitation” and “Humanitarian Relief in Iraq”.
  • Our budget for the period of July 2015 – June 2016 is HKD19,464,490.
  • We earnestly ask you to remember our work in your prayers and support us financially, so we can continue to provide appropriate help to our countries and communities in need due to poverty and disasters.