Pray for Earthquake Victims in Afghanistan and Pakistan & Support Quake Relief

Since the severe earthquake that occurred at the end of October in Northern Afghanistan hillside, relief efforts continue.  This earthquake had caused landslide, and over 13,000 houses were damaged.  Over a thousand had been injured and 200 had perished, most of them were children and women.

CEDAR partner in Pakistan, Pak Mission Society (PMS) expresses concern over the coming winter.  As the damaged area had been poor, and far from urban area, meteorologists say that the cold weather will only worsen the situation.

All these will hinder the relief effort, particularly towards elderly, women and children.  Our partner PMS recognises that at this stage the most urgent tasks are to provide temporary shelter, warm cover, tents, and food that can be easily stored.  At the same time, it is necessary to provide more health and sanitary items (including rescue items).

Our partner PMS hopes that these rescue items can be delivered evenly and timeously to the affected families to reduce the secondary hazard caused from earthquakes.  PMS is providing emergency help to 1,000 affected families, including shelter kits, pack of food, health and sanitary equipment.  To make the best use of the resources, PMS assesses the needs of families before distribution to ensure that the people who need the most will receive first.  There were follow-up effort.  PMS now provides aid to these types of families: families who suffer great damage to their house, families with members who had passed away, families headed by a woman, and families with disabled member.

Please act now, and help those affected by earthquake and the secondary hazard.  Your donation can help them meet basic necessities, and solve their most pressing problems.

We also need your prayers to support the victims and rescue teams.

  • Pray that earthquakes and natural disaster will lessen, and that our Lord will heal the mind and body of those affected
  • Pray that the relief and rebuilding effort will succeed, and that those who are homeless can have a house they call home again
  • Pray that the Government, political and religious organisations can work together so that the best care can be provided to those affected.

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