Listen to the Wishes of Syrian Refugees

The Syrian refugee crisis has yet to end. The living condition of those refugees who have fled to neighbouring countries are desperate. However, different people have different wishes. Let’s hear what they say:-

Samaher, Syrian refugee, a mother of two daughters


“Medair did gravelling and improved the site today, so that this winter it will be better and the settlement won’t flood as it used to do. The situation is getting harder than we imagined. The people who are fleeing to Europe lost all hope. They no longer received aid, their children, especially young men, were in danger of being captured and taken back to Syria for military service. This leads to death too. In Lebanon their visas are no longer valid. I have two daughters. I wouldn’t want to take them to Europe; here they will learn our culture and live among our people. As long as I’m still managing to get food and shelter for my family, I won’t go anywhere. I do want to go home. Here we are closer to our home.”

Saada, Syrian refugee, a grandmother


“Refugees are fleeing and swimming to European countries. I wouldn’t leave Lebanon. It’s very hard that we are refugees, but here I’m closer to home than in Europe. In Lebanon I can smell the air that comes from Syria. I feel Syria and Lebanon are the same. My country and home.”

Mariam Ramadan Kuwais, Syrian refugee in RAIT Lebanon

Mariam Ramadan Kuwais

“Going to Europe is great; people who we know from Edleb went there. They said they have food for free and the children will learn in schools for free. I want a better future for my children. I don’t have money anymore to get anything.  We are no longer receiving aid, so I get everything from the shop by going into debt. I would want to go to Europe in any way that I could. Death is everywhere. I would risk it.”



“A year ago my husband wanted to flee to Europe, now he wouldn’t do it illegally because it means death, but many are willing to do it even though they know that. His step mother and I didn’t allow it, but things were better we were still getting aid. Today we are not receiving same aid we used to get a year ago, knowing that now we need it more. He was searching for money to get a tent for winter, he was helpless if it wasn’t for the shelter kit we just received from Medair, we don’t know what we could have done… I miss Syria, I miss home.”

Please act now and help the refugees in Middle East.  Your donation will provide the refugees to meet basic needs and prevent them to risk their lives in long and perilous journeys to Europe and even further.

Pray for Syrian refugees:

  • Refugees displaced in Syria and neighbouring countries live under desperate condition and lack to meet their most basic needs. Pray for the full provision of relief assistance to them.
  • May God rule over the mind and heart of the rulers in Syria and let them know that they are mere human. Pray that God will give them the heart of mercy, having compassion on the hardship of their people, ending the war and rebuilding peace together.
  • Pray that the humanitarian aids in and outside the country of Syria can bring relieve to displaced Syrian and provide them a temporary shelter to stay.
  • Pray that all nations will work together to provide any aid in need for securing the living and safety of refugees.

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