Needs of Kokang Refugees Will Increase by Mid-May

In early March, fighting had eased in the Kokang region, Myanmar and over 2,000 Kokang people who fled due to the fighting gradually returned home. Unfortunately, fight has soon resumed and intensified in a few days and expanded into Chinese territory, resulting in civilian casualties.

Until March 3, there are five refugee camps on the Myanmar and Chinese border. Four of them are located in Chinese territory, fully maintained by the Chinese Government and Red Cross. The one in Myanmar is run by several NGOs, one of them is CEDAR’s partner in Kokang. As for the camp in Myanmar, basic sanitation facilities such as water filtering units and toilets are installed. Schools are also set up so that children can resume study and relieve stress.

The instability has made the lives of Kokang refugees very difficult. The 90-day state of emergency declared by the Myanmar government on February 17 will be extended to at least mid-May. The needs of these refugees will increase and your support will help meet their basic needs.

Act NOW and support the emergency humanitarian aid work on China-Myanmar Border!

Your donation can provide emergency rations and further humanitarian aid for Kokang refugees who are now seeking refuge on the China-Myanmar Border.

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