Continue to Provide Humanitarian Aid to Kokang Refugees along China-Myanmar Border

(Left) Several days ago, a Burmese donated and delivered five bags of rice regardless of the danger.
(Right) Quilt, rice, vegetables, medicines, cooking oil and drinking water are most needed.

The fighting between the Myanmar National Democratic Alliance Army (MNDAA) and the Myanmar military have yet to stop. Last night, people in refugee camps along the China-Myanmar border still could hear the roar of guns. Till 20 February, two out of three Kokang residents, i.e. about 80,000 to 90,000 people, has fled to China border. In some conflict areas, there is not even a single resident left. Nearly half of the Kokang refugees have received relief assistance from the Chinese government, but there are still a lot of them in emergency need.

CEDAR’s partner in Kokang is collaborating with other organizations to set up temporary refugee shelters on China-Myanmar border aiming to house a total of 3,200 refugees. They are providing free meals to the sick and the elderly as well as women, and have also arranged for youth and adult refugees to exchange their labour for meals.

Act NOW and support the emergency humanitarian aid work on China-Myanmar Border!

Your donation can provide emergency rations and further humanitarian aid for Kokang refugees who are now seeking refuge on the China-Myanmar Border.

Pray with us for the Kokang Refugee families:

  • May God’s peace and provision be with all the families that are affected by the conflict.
  • Pray that the families will have shelter, sufficient clothing and food to get through the cold winter.
  • May God stop the war and protect the families that are still trapped in the conflict zone.

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