Walk with Myanmar Students Being in Storms

[ePrayer – Pray for Children Ministry in Myanmar]

Hot summer is soon approaching. The children living in the compound of CEDAR’s partner Full Moon were excited one day and expressed their wish to their teacher: ‘We really want to go and play in Chung Thar Beach…’ The teacher is puzzled because it’s a long way journey from Full Moon to Chung Thar Beach and accommodation will be required on the way. Full Moon is operating on tight financial resources and who can afford to pay for all these expenses?

Though the dream of these children cannot be realized, those in grade 8 to 11 will have the opportunity to learn English from the Bible stories during this summer vacation. They will also learn how to grow Roselle, green beans and corns in farms. Part of the harvest will serve as food, and the rest be sold in market. The children will learn how to make a living with their own hands, and also enjoy the fun in farming.

Teachers in Full Moon told us, ‘Each student here has his/her own story that touches people’s hearts…’ The three children in the photo are brothers and sisters of one single family, and are the cyclone victims in 2008. They lost contact with their family and have stayed in Full Moon Compound for six years since then. Only recently that they learnt that their mother is still alive and our partner’s staff is now making all the necessary arrangements so they can see each other at the end of this April. However the mother works in farms and can barely support herself. She is also in the recovery phase of her mental health issues. Thus the 3 children will continue to stay in the compound until fully grown up.

Full Moon experiences God’s providence in spite of their financial constraints all these years. The children in Full Moon Compound also experience God’s healing and comfort in spite of their suffering during childhood. Are you willing to walk with them and experience God’s amazing work together?

‘He defends the cause of the fatherless and the widow, and loves the alien, giving him food and clothing. And you are to love those who are aliens, for you yourselves were aliens in Egypt.’ (Deuteronomy 10:18-19) God summoned the Israelites to care for the poor communities with empathy. This is because the Israelites should understand how the poor feel since they were once foreigners in Egypt and thus should know how to walk with the poor. May we learn from them and be willing to walk with those in less advantage than us, give them more of our love and pray harder for them.

CEDAR’s local partner Full Moon, founded in 1997, looks after children and orphans from conflict areas, as well as committed to giving them training so they can become church leaders after grown up and effect changes in their communities. Today many of these children have become teachers, nurses, skilled farmers, technicians and community workers, contributing to the societies using their skills given by their Heavenly Father. 

Pray for Children Ministry in Myanmar:

  • May God provide the hostel with enough uniforms, water-resistance materials and cabinets since there is an increase in the number of students when the new school term starts;
  • Pray for the erection of a door or protection wall in front of the hostel’s library as the library is always badly affected when there are torrential rains;
  • All those volunteers in Full Moon have served for over 15 years and may our Lord continue to strengthen them in the coming days so their commitment will not die off. Also pray for more volunteers in Full Moon so the team will be more resourceful in serving the increasing needs.

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