Sri Lankan School Children Lack Proper Toilets

[ePrayer – Pray for the school children in Sri Lanka]


Nearly one million school children – about a third of the school-age population in Sri Lanka – do not have safe sanitation, due to lack of toilets or without water supply in their schools.

’There are schools where children are advised not to drink water to avoid visits to toilets. In 13 years of schooling, children sow seeds not for education but for renal failure. … Girls are regularly discouraged from using toilets and suffer the most and are compelled to absent themselves from school during menstruation.’ said a local NGO.

A local mother said, ’My daughter is about to reach puberty. I am worried about her personal hygiene because the school, despite our complaints, has still not managed to get water supply to the toilet. …In fact, the teachers’ toilet suffers the same plight.’ [IRIN]

Pray for the school children in Sri Lanka:

  • May the local government cooperate with NGOs, to find out a better solution to solve the school children’s sanitation problem.
  • May the communities, families and children acquire enough knowledge in basic health, and have the common goal of reaching a better human health.
  • May the people extend their concern from merely a health issue to renewing human dignity values.