The Letter from CEDAR | October 2013

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

When we think of ‘poverty alleviation’ we may have the impression that it is the ‘rich’ initiating to help the ‘poor’. When I first left Hong Kong 33 years ago, I met some friends from Africa and India, and learned about their ministries. I realized that they had already developed many mission work and social ministries themselves. They were indeed not just recipients of aid. That started in me a lot of respect and appreciation for our friends in different countries.

I have recently met another African pastor. He is involved in leadership training in many countries. In our sincere, open and happy conversation, he shared a striking news to me, that the population of Chinese in Africa is about to reach a million. The African churches want to reach and minister to the local Chinese and they hope that we can provide the related training. Besides, the African Christians are also practising ‘Business as Mission’ (BAM). They would like to collaborate with Chinese Christians to create employment and protect the environment, through running ethical corporations. I was inspired by our conversation. The African churches and Christians have actively opened many doors of the ministries and are looking for our positive response. Will that enrich our understanding of ‘Mission to Africa’?

CEDAR has been advocating Integral Mission. We are now working with churches to run the ‘Global Discipleship’ training programme. As CEDAR has many close connections with churches and organisations in different countries, the programme will bring to Hong Kong churches first hand contact and knowledge of local culture, politics, economics and churches. We together observe the work of God, humbly learn the experiences and wisdom from the local Christians and have biblical reflections. We can work with the local partners as well, for two to three years. Through follow ups and monitoring, ours live will be inspired and enriched. CEDAR would like to work with more individual churches, and together explore the meaning and practices of Kingdom Citizens. I do believe lots of creativity and surprises will be discovered there!

More, it is time for CEDAR’s annual ‘Barefoot Walk’. It will be held at Ma On Shan Waterfront Promenade on 2 November. Let’s walk with barefoot and raise funds for the children ministry in Asia and Africa. For details:

Your co-worker in Christ,
CHAN Nim Chung