Quake Victims in Pakistan Wait for Help

[ePrayer – Pray for the quake victims in Pakistan]


On 24 September, a 7.7 scale quake hit the mountainous south-western province of Baluchistan, Pakistan, causing more than 500 dead. A local partner of Tearfund UK, one of our long-term working partners is assessing aid needs. The quake flattened houses ‘as far as the eye can see’, according to one witness. Hundreds of people have been injured amid the collapse of buildings made from mud and bricks. Rescue efforts are underway but are being hampered by the remoteness of the affected region and disruption to transport links. A powerful 7.2-magnitude after-shock hit southwest Pakistan again on 28 Sep. The death toll is expected to rise as rescue teams are still searching for people trapped under their homes. Thousands of people have been made homeless as mud houses have collapsed and are sitting in the open waiting for help. Many villages in remote areas have still not been reached by the Pakistan’s army. [Tearfund UK]

Pray for the quake victims in Pakistan:

  • Please pray for those affected and that help gets to them as soon as possible;
  • Integral Alliance* has been watching the situation closely. Pray that God will make a way to provide the relief assistance.

* Integral is a global alliance of 18 Christian relief and development agencies, working together to present a more effective response to poverty worldwide. CEDAR is one of the member agencies.

Minorities Suffer Worse Health Outcomes

[ePrayer – Pray for the health of minorities]


Minority groups suffer worse health outcomes than the rest of the population, according to a new report published by Minority Rights Group International (MRG). They call for greater measures to combat disparities in global health outcomes between minority groups and majority communities. The Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) have resulted in much that is good. But one of the fundamental flaws with them has been the lack of a right or equity perspective. Minority and indigenous communities often are marginalised from all aspects of life in their countries. For example, infant mortality among indigenous groups in China’s Yunnan Province was 7.8%, compared to 5.4% for non-indigenous groups in Yunnan and a national average of 2.6%. In Papua, Indonesia, HIV infection rates among minority groups are 15 times the national average. In Guatemala, indigenous children suffer approximately 20 percent higher malnutrition than majority communities. According to the report, lack of access to healthcare and systemic patterns of discrimination are major causal factors behind these figures. [IRIN]

Pray for the health of minorities:

  • Pray for sufficient and proper health care and assistance to the minorities;
  • Pray for an end on any kind of discrimination to minorities and indigenous groups.

Micah Sunday – Remember the Poor and the Oppressed Together

[ePrayer – Pray for justice and integrity worldwide]


Corruption is a huge barrier to ending extreme world poverty. EXPOSED is a global campaign who wishes to a light on corruption and to highlight good examples. As the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty is annually observed on 17 October, CEDAR is calling churches and Christians to join EXPOSED, making appeals to the church, business and governments to operate with integrity.

Hong Kong churches and Christians are recommended to:

  1. join the GLOBAL CALL acting together to advocate an end to corruption;
  2. host a VIGIL during 14 to 20 October;
  3. set a Sunday in October as ‘Micah Sunday’ to remember the poor and the oppressed through prayers and actions.

Pray for justice and integrity worldwide:

  • Pray for an end to any kind of corruption;
  • Pray for a just and compassionate world.

URL: Micah Sunday – Exposed 2013

Pray for PARI Adolescence Empowerment and Education Project in Bangladesh

[ePrayer – Pray for Bangladesh’s youth project]


In Bangladesh, many adolescents drop out from schools due to poverty. They are ‘nobody’ in the eyes of adults and are ignorant about their own rights. This is particularly true among the teenage girls. The poor families tend to marry off their daughters as young as 13-14 years old in order to lower family expenditure and dowry price. However, it is difficult for these adolescent girls who are not yet mature to adapt to new lives staying with a new family. Moreover, early marriage and early pregnancy can be very harmful to their lives.

To tackle with this problem, CEDAR’s partner PARI Development Trust has formed many community groups to teach the boys and girls about their rights. It has also created platforms for youth, parents, community leaders to meet and exchange ideas. Teenagers have been empowered and adults are made known of the developmental needs and potentials of the youth. Praise the Lord that the project has Pinky from early marriage after lobbying to her father. It has also assisted a girl named Happy who can continue to study in higher grades of school and perform well.

Pray for Bangladesh’s youth project:

  • PARI would like to move on to another phase right after the current 3-year project. Pray for God’s guidance and provision;
  • Pray that more adolescents will be empowered and educated through the project.

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