Call to Prevent Illegal Killing of Elephants in Africa

[ePrayer – Pray for illegal killing of animals]

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Increased poaching and loss of habitats are threatening the survival of African elephant populations. The UN estimates that over 17,000 elephants were illegally killed in monitored sites in 2011 alone. Last year, in Bouba N’Djida National Park, northern Cameroon, up to 450 elephants were killed by rebel groups from Chad and Sudan. According to UNEP, the extent of the killings now far exceeds the natural population growth rates, putting elephants at risk of extinction, especially in Central and Western Africa. The illegal wildlife trade is threatening not only the survival of species such as elephants and rhinos but also the livelihoods and often the very lives of people across Africa and the developing world. UNEP calls ‘let’s stop the criminals and score some big wins for elephants, rhinos and threatened species everywhere’. Côte d’Ivoire national football team star and captain of Manchester City FC, Yaya Toure and footballers at a World Cup qualifier match made a strong statement against the illegal killings of elephants in Africa. Besides, some celebrities filmed an ad, mainly for China and Vietnam, to call for protection to the endangered species of animals and ban to ivory and rhino horns. [UNEPWildAid]

Pray for illegal killing of animals:

  • Pray that the international societies will be united to prevent from illegal killing of animals and protect the species diversity. 
  • Pray that especially the Asian consumers will have more awareness of wildlife protection, stop purchasing shark fins, rhino horns and ivories and put an end to illegal trade of wild animals.