New Strategies to Cope with Hunger and Nutrition Problems

[ePrayer – Pray for world food supply and nutrition strategy]

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The alterations in the diets of urban people prompted by urbanisation, economic growth and lifestyle changes have to a certain extent cause over half a billion who are obese and susceptible to non-communicable diseases. Integrated nutrition strategies, formed with the inputs of society including the private sector, consumers, doctors, and consumer organisations as a whole, are needed to help people cope with this problem. However, at the same time, there are 870 million people suffer from hunger worldwide; most of them are living in rural areas. Around two billion people live on about 500 million farms around the world, most of them are very poor subsistence producers. It is important to understand how crucial the role that farmers play for enhancing the sustainability of food supply; and empower them to develop a sustainable production models base on their specific environmental conditions to maintain high productive rates. [UN, FAO]

Pray for world food supply and nutrition strategy:

  • Pray that all sectors of society can work together to form new  nutrition strategies to cope with changing diets;
  • Pray also that more people would know the importance of traditional crops apart from commodity crops.
  • Pray that people would not rely only on science and technology to drive agricultural productivity but realise the importance of the role that farmers play and respect their views & advices.