Carbon Fast 2013


Lent is the 40 days of reflection and meditation before Easter to prepare ourselves for Resurrection Sunday. Modeling after Jesus’ experience during 40 days of fasting, praying and being tempted in the desert, Christians also engage in reflecting within our inner souls, crying out for God’s mercy and dwelling on the love of God through praying, fasting, self denial, repenting, self-control, etc., as well as experience the hardship of the poor in order to learn to deny one’s desires and live a life of simplicity and love.

Meditating throughout Lent encompasses our relationship with God, with others and with the God-created land we live on. In repentance, we await restoration through the power of Jesus’ resurrection, reconciling us with others and with the rest of creation.

Why Take Part?>  Human activity is the main root cause of environmental damage and global warming. Climate change causes drought and famine in Africa and floods in Asia for many years running, driving the poor whose lives depend on natural resources into deeper poverty. Our day to day lives may not be impacted severely by the changing climate yet, but what about people who struggle to feed their families or find a home that will not get washed away or cannot work because the fields have been destroyed by droughts and storms? It’s our job to bring hope. Join us in Carbon Fast this Lent to respond to this challenge, remembering how God has called us to respect and look after his good creation and to protect poor people whom we know are suffering the most.

Your Response> Join CEDAR’s Carbon Fast during Lent (from 13 February to 30 March 2013) to meditate on the Word of God, appreciate God’s creation, reflect on our relationship with the environment, understand the circumstances of those most affected by climate change, and take part in Carbon Fast to change our inherent life style and to care for the land and the poor.