Pray for Yunnan Earthquake Victims

On September 7, a pair of earthquakes measuring 5.7 and 5.6 on the Richter scale with multiple aftershocks hit Zhaotong, Zhenxiong, Yiliang area of China’s Yunnan province, causing at least 80 dead and 700 injured. The quakes leveled or damaged over 20,000 houses, with over 700,000 people affected. Landslides have been triggered in the affected areas. Communication disruptions, damages to major roads, water supply and power facilities have been reported.

CEDAR and the local church in Yunnan are making arrangements to travel to the affected areas and assess the situation. CEDAR will bring you the latest update from the ground with arrangement for emergency relief.  Please stay tuned for our next update.

Please pray earnestly that:

  1. God will protect the earthquake victims and relief workers in the midst of continual aftershocks
  2. God will comfort those who have lost their homes and family or are still desperately searching for their loved ones.
  3. God will mobilize pastors and organisations partnering with CEDAR to assess the situation of the affected areas, to plan and implement relief work.


CEDAR Fund is an independent Christian relief and development organisation founded in Hong Kong in 1991.  Our mission is to partner with Christians around the world to care for the poor and disadvantaged people, to facilitate the transformation of lives and communities, and to advocate and practice social justice. We seek to build a just and compassionate world in Christ.

CEDAR’s HSBC Account for Emergency Relief: 600-385678-003