Give Support to Yunnan Earthquake Relief

A pair of earthquakes measuring 5.7 and 5.6 on the Richter scale with multiple aftershocks hit Zhaotong, Zhenxiong, Yiliang area of Yunnan province on September 7, with around 750,000 people affected. Recent torrential rain has triggered landslides and debris flow in the affected areas in Yiliang, causing traffic and communication disruptions. Relief work progress has therefore been hampered. People are now in urgent need of food and shelter.

Collapsed houses mean many have lost their homes

People who lost thei homes are staying in tents only

CEDAR is going to appeal for HK$2,400,000 to support churches in Yunnan to help people living in the mountainous area, including many villages with strong Christian heritage where many Miao Christians live. We target to distribute one-month supply of food items like rice and cooking oil to 4 severely-hit cities in the Zhaotong, Yiliang area.

 CEDAR is going to start emergency relief work in 4 severely-hit cities in the Zhaotong, Yiliang area.

Act now to support the quake-affected people through financial assistance:

  • By cheque: Please make cheque payable to ‘CEDAR FUND’ and mark ‘Yunnan Earthquake Relief’ on your cheque, and then have it sent to G.P.O. Box 3212 Hong Kong.
  • By ATM:  Please make deposit directly into our bank account for emergency relief (HSBC 600-385678-003). Please mark ‘Yunnan Earthquake Relief’ on your pay-in-slip, and then have it sent to G.P.O. Box 3212Hong Kong.
  • Online Payment: You can also transfer your donations to our HSBC account for emergency relief through online banking services. For online banking transfers, please send the online transfer confirmation to with the subject ‘Yunnan Earthquake Relief’.
  • Download donation form