Bangladesh SATHI Slum Community Development Project

SATHI conducts the project in a slum area at the outer skirts of Dhaka. There are 7000 families in the area who came from different parts of the country with different cultures and religions, mostly Islamic and Hindu. There is no homogeneity among the residents who do not have any sense to improve their community in concert.  Other social problems like child labors, lack of sanitation, bullying & harassment, alcoholic and drug abuses and gambling are not uncommon in the area.

The project aims at emphasizing people’s ownership, community development and sustainability. CEDAR works with SATHI to encourage 1500 individuals to participate in the development activities which enhance their creativity and capability in decision making. They form self-help groups with their own leadership to set goals for the development of the area. Skill trainings in leadership, management and accounting are provided. By way of saving-based programs, the groups set up funds for small business or use in emergency. In addition, project staff conducts healthcare classes and leads discussions on justice and rights issues for the community.